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Elite Document Management Solutions Can Help Americans

Elite Document Management Solutions helps Americans with the most thorny and unforgiving of issues — credit rehabilitation. People often feel they have little or no hope of improving their credit scores — especially in the age of coronavirus layoffs and cutbacks. The real problem is eliminating debt and interest payments. Financial challenges often affect people in the hospitality industry most severely, so it’s exceptionally gratifying to find a company dedicated to credit monitoring and rehabilitation services.

Elite DMS provides exceptional client services that are personalized for each individual. The expert financial team works hard to get a full picture of each client to understand his or her financial situation. That might mean understanding the unique circumstances generated by the coronavirus closings or finding loopholes in state laws that make debt collection unenforceable.

Working with All Your Debts

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The Elite DMS team works most often with credit card debt and medical bills, but the company also considers all your debts for their potential inclusion in the rehabilitation plan. The emphasis is on service, and there may be some debts that you don’t want to enroll in the program. Elite DMS also checks the validity of the debts to ensure that you’re not being hounded unfairly.

Most of the clients can manage their outstanding debts in 24 months, but the payback period can range from 12 months to 36 months.

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How Financial Rehabilitation Works

The process of financial rehabilitation involves transferring your debt to a third-party collector for eligible debts that you approve of. You have the final say on which debts are included in the program. Your credit score will actually drop during this transfer period, but the team of experienced and dedicated representatives will work closely with you to advise you of your consumer rights and navigate the complexities of the paperwork, which validates the debt transfer, usually to a cooperative bank.

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When the debt is transferred — and usually reduced — your credit score necessarily drops. As you pay down the debt, your credit score will begin to increase. Getting a higher credit score is usually preferred by consumers, but getting out of debt entirely is often a better long-term solution. Once free of debt, consumers increase their disposable income by avoiding payments of principal and interest. It’s really difficult to rebuild your credit if you have unmanageable debt.

It’s up to you how quickly you manage to get out of debt. Once free of the burgeoning demands of outstanding debts, you can rehabilitate your credit score with a relatively clean slate.

Solutions for Every American Faced with Debt

Elite Document Management Solutions works with people from all socioeconomic levels and different lifestyle situations. This could include a divorcing couple, the death of a spouse, or a loss of employment. The company works with college students, single adults, married couples, single parents, and people who want to clear their debts before retirement.The company works to negotiate a fair settlement in hardship cases, and the resulting cut in expenses makes it easier to manage finances during the repayment period. 

Many people make mistakes when managing their personal finances, and some are forced by circumstances to seek help. Elite DMS can provide a workaround to manage your debts while safeguarding your consumer rights. The company also provides credit monitoring service, in addition to its Comprehensive Financial Rehabilitation Program. The 24/7 service keeps you fully informed about your credit report and alerts you when new information appears on your account.

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