6 Practical Ways to Help a Child Manage COVID-19 Anxiety


COVID-19 has brought anxiety, stress, and uncertainty in tow and people of all ages including children are affected. As a parent, this introduces you to new roles and responsibilities. 

We understand these are novel circumstances and you are under pressure on several fronts. But leading a family means you have to make sure they feel safe.

How can you do this when you are scared of yourself? Below we are sharing some workable tips you can use to manage child stress midst COVID-19.

Keep Calm and Be Supportive

These times are tough for you with worries of finances, your own parent’s health and an extra work burden. But these trying times are even tough for a child. They are part of this uncertainty and do not know what to expect for the coming days.

Their anxiety may show up as moodiness, changes in appetite or bedwetting. You need to keep calm and understand what they are going through. You can make things better for them and yourself by showing an empathetic and supportive attitude. Recognize and acknowledge their fears, stress and assure your love and support in every situation.

If you notice any other health-related problems in a child, use talk to a pediatrician. Visiting hospitals with kids is strictly prohibited due to the potential threat of coronavirus disease.

Build a Routine

Leaving children with lots of surplus time and nothing to do is a bad idea. Kids love structure and certainty. Make a new routine for them on how they will be spending their day.

Add some fun distractions, study time, time to help around the house, tending to plants, etc. Give some responsibilities suitable for their age group. This makes them feel in control. Staying consistent with their routine will help them cope better with the stress of COVID-19.

Equip Them with Age appropriate Information

Your child is exposed to a lot of information about the virus and disease. It is advised to discuss and see what they know. Equip them with age-appropriate information. Most importantly guide them on how they are helping in controlling the flu by staying home and washing hands.

Also, inform that not seeing their friends and being away from school is temporary is necessary for now to control this pandemic.

Tell them things they can do to stay safe. Guide them that if you or they feel symptoms it will be manageable and nothing to be scared of. There are doctors to help with this and that it is mostly a mild ailment for most people.

Let Them Ask Questions

With all the information expect a lot of questions as well. Ask them out if they have any confusions, fears, or concerns? Address their questions with straight forward but age-appropriate information. Keep them away from increasing death tolls around the globe and other scary complications. They will not benefit from these in any way during this time.

Distractions Other than Screens

Many kids are probably spending more time in front of screens. While allowing some screen time is ok do not overdo. Indulge them in other activities like board games, baking, painting, or solving different puzzles. Let them help around the house with chores they can safely do.

Take care of your self

To be able to do all this you need to have sound physical and mental health. Manage your anxiety and stress through meditation, socializing on phone, or through gardening. Keep exercising and stick to healthy eating patterns.

Tend to your skin and soul alike. Feeling your best will help you manage the stress and needs of a family in a better way. In case you need to see a doctor for any health concern use marham.pk for online consultation and stay safe.