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Guideline on how to get Safaricom home fiber at your home.

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Thankyou to Safaricom’s home fiber, anybody at home can have limitless access to the internet as long as you live within the coverage area. If you’re working at home or you just want to learn new skills on YouTube, or maybe you really want the internet to watch your favourite shows on Netflix, Safaricom home fiber has got you covered. Safaricom home fiber bundles are classified in terms of speed and costs. Bronze,silver,Gold and diamond are currently the available packages in Safaricom home fibers.

  • 5mbps bronze @ksh 2.900

With this kit you will get Simple internet browsing, Email, Standard Definition Video (SD) and Mild Film and Music downloads. If your browsing experience is pedestrian at best, Bronze is going to be fine for you.

  • Silver 10mps @ksh 3.999

The Silver kit provides unrestricted internet access, web browsing, moderate movie and music downloads and downloading, watching SD Television programs, amongst other. If you need some versatility, knowing that downloads would be reduced to a particular unit, Silver is your option.

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  • Gold of 20mbps @ksh 5,699

The Gold kit provides unrestricted access to internet, web browsing, uploading movies and music, viewing full hd (HD) Television streaming, streaming music online and taking classes online. If you’re doing a lot of downloading with family and friends, you may have to pay the extra money for Gold.

  • Diamond 40mps @ksh 11,499

The Diamond bundle provides unrestricted internet access, web browsing, full hd (HD) Television streaming, music streaming, streaming various online streaming activities and support for HD video surveillance. Application developers who have several devices, such as camera surveillance equipment, have no choice but to purchase the Diamond kit.

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Here is a guideline on how to get Safaricom home fiber at your home:

  • Dial *400# Then choose Choice 2
  • Next Choose Province
  • Enter your estate name and press the send button. The Safaricom staff will contact you. They will ask for your personal information, such as the kit you want, your house number, your full name, amongst other.
  • Safaricom will give you an account number that you will use to make payments.
  • Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive an SMS with your Wi-Fi password and username, which you will use to connect to all your devices.
  • The Safaricom technical team will arrive at your home within a few days. Once registered, you will be provided with a WIFI router that will allow you to have wireless and local area (LAN) internet access.

Lastly, to confirm if your home is located in the Safaricom home fiber area, all you need to do is dial *400#.

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