The Truth Behind Online Gambling Myths


Gambling is surrounded by myths. Some of them originated centuries ago, while others – only during the last decade. The reasons behind these misconceptions significantly vary. There are people who don’t understand the subject and there are those who trust versions made up by anti-gamblers. These myths are repeated so often that many people believe them and decide not to play.

We are sure that it is unfair and want to check the most common myths behind online gambling. Are they true or false? What stands behind these popular misconceptions? We believe that when reading the best online casino reviews in Thailand, playing responsibly, and treating it as a hobby, gambling can only bring pure joy and satisfaction.

1.     Gambling sites want to fool you

According to research, only 30% of people say that gambling is fair and can be trusted. This means that games of chance don’t have a very good reputation among people who have never played in a casino. They say that one way or another gambling sites will fool their users: whether by rigged games or by stealing money.

However, this myth is far from reality. Yes, there have been cases when dishonest sites cheated but an overwhelming majority of casinos are reliable. They know that respectful policies will pay off in the long-run. To avoid such situations, simply choose reliable websites.

2.     Games are always rigged

No one likes losing and when you are out of the bankroll it is quite tempting to blame casinos. However, when playing at licensed gambling sites that are regularly tested and audited, you can be sure that the games are fair. For example, those who are approved by the UKGC or MGA.

When choosing a casino, make sure that it uses a random number generator. The RNG ensures that every spin, dice roll, or card combination is random.

3.     Winning is pure luck

While it can be tempting to think that Lady Luck is watching over you and soon the Universe will award you huge winnings, at online casinos everything is based on mathematics. Every game is based on a house edge, i.e. the advantage of the casino. Usually, it is slightly higher and ensures that the website will earn a bit more than it will spend.

That is why instead of relying on luck, it is better to play the games with a lower house edge or choose titles where skills and strategies can be applied.

4.     Betting strategies beat the house edge

On the Internet, you may find numerous betting strategies and systems which claim to give users an advantage over the casino. However, no matter what techniques you decide to apply, they are always useless because the casino is always in advantage.

As we have said above, the best option is to choose games with a low house edge. For example, baccarat. You can also use bankroll management. These are instruments and approaches that help to spend your budget wisely and stay in the game longer. It results in more chances of winning.

5.     With time, every player gets addicted

It is not a secret that gambling may be addictive and for some people, it becomes a big problem. However, the myth that everyone becomes a compulsive gambler is completely untrue. There is no evidence or research which proves such a thought.

Moreover, the overwhelming majority of players (over 96%) gamble every day and don’t develop any problems related to their hobby. Plus, when choosing a reliable website, you can be sure that it supports all the necessary measures to help players. For example, the maximum deposit limit per day or month, self-exclusion, and other important policies.

They also have Responsible Gambling pages with detailed information on what to do if you or a person you know has signs of compulsive gambling. Finally, there are organizations like the National Health Service, the UKGC, Addiction Center, and GamCare which have a 24/7 hotline for those who seek help.

6.     Counting cards is illegal

It is quite a common misconception that counting cards is not legal. Yes, gambling sites don’t like this approach because it allows players to gain an additional advantage. But it is completely legal and can be applied without any worries.

In the majority of countries, gamblers can use any method or strategy they want if it doesn’t impact the gameplay (card marking and so on). But you should remember that counting cards online is almost impossible due to RNG and other algorithms. Players can apply this strategy only at land-based casinos but from time to time may be asked to leave a venue if being caught.

The best way to dispel the myths is to play yourself

As you see, there are many misconceptions surrounding gambling but they are not as true as you may have expected. That is why we recommend playing and deciding whether gambling is for you or not. Remember that it’s for entertainment and not for making money, and you will always remain on the safe side.