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Best Cheap WordPress VPS 2021 ?[+Checklist]

If you wish to create a WordPress website for your business, there are a lot of factors to have a good, and successful one. One of the most important items is selecting a suitable hosting plan. But, because of the many options provided by hosting providers, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing the best hosting plan. You can select a dedicated or shared plan, or easily find a cheap WordPress VPS Hosting Plan. Each plan caters to the features of different groups, so you should first identify your requirements.

 In the following, we’ll provide you a checklist of your essential requirements to help you choose the best WordPress hosting plan. Let’s get start:

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  1. Analyze your business-specific requirements such as usability, extensibility, and scalability.
  2. Consider your preferred bandwidth, disk space, and processing capability of your site.
  3. Speed optimized VPS solution is necessary.
  4. Performance optimized solution is necessary.
  5. Fast loading VPS is the best option.
  6. MYSQL should be the version of 5.6 or greater.
  7. Your host should support PHP version 7 or greater.
  8. Your web host should support one-click WordPress installation.
  9. Choose the best web hosting type for your site.
  10. Check the security capabilities.
  11. You need a good technical support.
  12. Email services should be enabled.

This checklist will help you to choose the best VPS plan that fits more to your needs. This category is including the most frequently used and noticeable hosting plans. These plans are listed below:

  1. Shared hosting: useful for low-traffic and small websitesand very cost effective
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: the best option for those websites that are in growth and want to change the VPS plan from shared hosting to better one.
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting: good for large websites that need more control – the most expensive option.
  4. Cloud Hosting: works best for websites that need scalable resources and are growing rapidly.
  5. Managed Hosting: ideal for non-technical users.
  6. Colocation: the most professional and expensive plan that gives you maximum control over the hardware and software.

As you can see, there are various plans of web hosting. But the most common plans are shared hosting and VPS hosting, and notice that, while shared hosting is better for personal site =- 2s and startups, VPS hosting wins for both small and larger sites. So, in the next paragraph, we will tell you why VPS is better than shared hosting.

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Why VPS is Better Than Shared Hosting?

You’ve decided to start a site or want to change your hosting plan, but don’t know whether select a VPS or a shared hosting plan. In short, shared hosting is the most affordable option but you have to share one server between multiple website. Your site will share the same resources such as CPU, Disk Space, and Memory with other users, and because of these sharing options, your site will get slow and limited in bandwidth and storage. It can also prone to errors when there is a high traffic.

On the contrary, a VPS gives you more freedom and performance. This is something like a dedicated hosting plan with a shared server. In fact, you’ll still be sharing a physical server in which the resources are specified to your site and other sites won’t affect you. It provides a dedicated virtual partition for each user with more memory and bandwidth. In comparison to shared hosting, VPS is more reliable, stable, and faster than shared hosting, and grants you the root access. Therefore, if you are running a business and are planning to expand it in the future, or you have a larger budget and expect more traffic for your website, we suggest you to use a VPS.

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What is WordPress VPS?

WordPress is an open-source and free content management (CMS) system with a great number of features that help you build a professional website. VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server that acts similar to a dedicated server. As a result, WordPress VPS hosting is a dedicated server for those web sites using WordPress CMS. With this kind of VPS service, you are pulling resources from a number of different physical servers so your server resources and other features will guaranteed. In fact, instead of using a single physical server, you can use a group of physical servers that linked together for creating a single virtual dedicated server. Some of the most noticeable features of using this kind of hosting plan are including:

  1. The latest technology in the digital world.
  2. Improved performance and Speed.
  3. Very Affordable (considering a complete set of features).
  4. Higher Level of Security.
  5. Greater Level of Control and Server Customization.[See: Best control panels list ]
  6. Improved Security + Protected Environments.
  7. Regular Updates for WordPress Cores and Plugins.

Selecting a WordPress VPS Hosting service is a crucial decision. You need to ensure whether your selected hosting plan is secure, fast, and reliable or not. Therefore, you should select your host as well as you hosting provider with a sensitive precision. In the following, we will tell you why choosing WordPress VPS hosting plan that is provided by Routerhosting?

Why Choosing Routerhosting WordPress VPS Hosting?

Without worrying about your server security, updates, tech stack, or server-side optimization, WordPress engines will give you the freedom for creating completely online experience. With Routerhosting WordPress VPS hosting services, we’ll ensure you about the best technology, so you can focus on what other items that are important to your business. Routerhosting provides you a WordPress VPS hosting plan that includes the following features:

  • Instant features
  • Manage MULTIPLE VPS from One Account
  • Full Root Access
  • API Access
  • Rescue Mode
  • VNC Access
  • RDP Access
  • RDP Ready
  • Shout down / Boot / Reboot
  • Serial Console Access
  • View Bandwidth Usage
  • View Disk Usage
  • View Graphics and Statistics
  • View Network Information
  • Change Root Password
  • Change VNS / Console Password
  • Set Main IP Access

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