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WooCommerce Hosting: What You Need To Know

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. It’s currently being used by over 35% of online stores. It’s a powerful resource and if you plan to keep up with the competition, you need to consider WooCommerce hosting and what you need to understand.

Installing This Large Plugin

Many users have expressed trepidation about installing WooCommerce. They’re of the thinking it’s too “big” and thus may be hard to use. Developers though understand its size isn’t the issue. What you need to understand is how to configure the application. In this case, we’re not talking about settings. We’re referring to the approach to WooCommerce and leveraging the platform to your advantage. Here are three matters WooCommerce helps with.

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Database Calling

e-Commerce sites get a ton of database queries. Whether a single product or an entire category, this process can stress hosting costs. (This is not something a host shares when you sign up.) The same applies to a “My Account” page. Addresses, historical purchases, orders and such translates into a litany of queries. WooCommerce manages this better than other plugins, ensuring you’re never missing data or running slow.


WooCommerce functions differently than similar products. In this solution, you can set up a cart icon (0) that won’t stay cached if a shopper adds an item to the cart. BUT, to fully take advantage of this feature, you need a host that sees caching in the WooCommerce context. Companies hosting WordPress tend to pack sites into servers, caching as needed. The fact is e-commerce sites should be treated differently and WooCommerce hosts know this.

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External Calling

You’re likely using external calls with your traditional site. There are elements that test your server processes, like integration with a shipping partner, a tax calculation engine or a payment gateway. There’s also email. Consider how your infrastructure manages externalized email senders.

Determining How WooCommerce Works For You

Building your own e-commerce site is a task and developers will definitely try to make you see that. They’ll talk of spinning up Amazon or Digital Ocean accounts and giving your e-store bells and whistles like hyper-db, varnish and redis solutions.

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What you want to do when using WooCommerce is to find a host that can help you grow your online WordPress store. You want to create a store with the understanding not only can they manage it but can handle your growth.

Keep your eye out for unique sites specializing in WooCommerce hosting and management services for all-size businesses. These companies know the nuances to apply that ensure your use of WooCommerce creates a platform with updated operating systems, the latest tech, and drives performance and success.


Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
I cover tech news across Africa. Drop me an email at [email protected]

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