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What Are The Causes Of Deforestation?

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Deforestation is something that many people out are not in favor of. However, the thing about deforestation is that it is done to benefit an economy to grow. Governments save up  machinery finance to carry out the task since there are lots of pieces of equipment needed to complete the job. Have a look down below at some of the main causes of deforestation. 

  • Happens In Order To Carry Out Agricultural Activities 

A country is nothing without agriculture, right? This is one of the main reasons why deforestation is carried out. It has been researched that agricultural needs result in 80% of deforestation happening in today’s world. Moreover, due to the increase in the demand for agricultural products, deforestation is being carried out on a large scale. 

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  • Meeting The Demands Of People

Another reason why deforestation takes place is due to the increase in the demand for supplies. These are a must for different industries to survive, such as furniture, paper, medicine, and more. Not to add, wood also acts as fuel such as charcoal or firewood. Trees are cut down to meet the demands of people by providing them lots of essentials. 

  • Urbanization Due To Overpopulation 

Urbanization is one of the main factors why deforestation takes place. This is due to the construction of roads, houses, and whatnot. Due to the increase in population, homes are needed, and deforestation serves the purpose. The expansion of an area is done by the clearing of forests since most areas need to build houses, buildings, and much more. 

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  • Mining Is Important 

Mining plays a major role in deforestation as it requires forest land. This includes both coal and oil mining. Moreover, roads are built near the mining area by cutting down trees in order to build a way for trucks to pass.

  • Forest Fires Play A Major Role

One of the major reasons that lead to deforestation is forest fires. There are lots of trees lost as a result of forest fires in today’s world. Forest fires are increasing day by day in different areas of the world due to harsh weather conditions. This is how a huge area of land is lost. This is a natural factor that humans cannot control. 

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Wrapping It Up

Deforestation is not an entirely bad thing due to its advantages. Moreover, it happens due to both human and natural factors. It is now widely practiced in today’s world due to the uses mentioned above. 

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