Signal Adds WhatsApp Like Features That Have Made The App More Interactive


Signal has added new features that have made the app more interactive and easier to use.

WhatsApp recently decided to upgrade their privacy policies and when they did they expected that their users would gladly accept. However, another app came up and promised their users that they would respect their privacy and wouldn’t demand for too much information. So little is expected to get a signal account that many WhatsApp users have willingly moved to the new app because of that.

Signal is interactive and friendly.

In an attempt to make the app more interactive, interesting and user friendly, Signal has introduced a few features which are quite similar to WhatsApp, features such as chat wallpapers that are customisable for each conversation with 21 different options included with the update. Users can also opt to use solid or gradient colours or a photo from their libraries to make things feel a little more personal.

Animated stickers that are already a staple on other apps like Telegram and WhatsApp will also be welcome for users that have started using Signal regularly. On Signal, you’ll have access to a 24-pack of Day by Day stickers with art by Miguel Angel Camprubi.

There’s also a new way to add short “About” blurbs to user profiles. They’ll support emoji and a few sentences, which can be updated several times. In a way, it’ll be like a miniature Twitter feed.