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Reasons Why a Standing Fan Is a Leading Choice for Most Consumers

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Soon the sweltering summers are about to start and if you live in a place with high humidity, you will be in need of a standing fan that can provide some respite from the heat. Their efficient performance and instant cooling makes them an ideal choice for households that do not have the budget for an air conditioner. These oscillating, portable fans can cool down any space in your home. 

Here are some benefits of buying a pedestal fan:

  • Portability

This is the primary advantage of a pedestal fan. By virtue of being lightweight, a portable fan can be moved around effortlessly in your home or office. Their size and power consumption means it can be plugged to any power outlet while requiring less space and still provide ample airflow. If you are sitting out in your balcony or terrace and would like to enjoy a cool breeze, you can easily carry your standing fan out to the terrace and plug it in.

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  • Multi-Functionality

While buying a good quality standing fan, make sure that it comes with multiple features and functions. To start with, you can go for a fan that has a remote to control the speed settings. You can also look for a digital display that comes with an electronic indicator to determine your fan’s settings.

  • Swing Head

The swing head of most pedestal fans can be activated or deactivated; this feature will enable the head to oscillate, which helps the fan to direct airflow to the multiple directions. This makes the standing fan more efficient. 

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  • Blade Speed

Every person and atmosphere requires a different level of cooling. That is why having a fan with variable speeds is a must. Most modern stand fans come with different blade speeds, which means that you can easily adjust airflow at your convenience. They typically come with a ‘Low,’ ‘Medium’ or ‘High’ settings, which alter the fan speeds. This gives you better control over your room’s temperature. Choose a fan with a higher RPM (rotations per minute) if you require more power. An RPM of 1300 to 1400 will ensure good breeze. Apart from this, it also makes it convenient to use the fan in almost all seasons. 

  • Energy Saving

When it comes to saving energy, pedestal fans are the best. With the advancement of technology, pedestal fans are popular for its energy-saving feature. These fans can help you save up to 50% on your entire electricity bill.

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  • Aesthetic Design

You will want your selected home appliances to match your home interiors. For this reason, most of the companies are providing the latest fans in aesthetics that will meet customer’s design expectations. You can find a wide range of colors in Ramtons pedestal fans that will blend seamlessly with any interior.

  • Less Maintenance

Unlike air conditioners which require multiple rounds of servicing checks, pedestal fans come with a long life and warranty. Ramtons range of standing fans prevent motor heating and extended fan life.

Offering the best standing fan appliances, Ramtons aim to make lives easier through innovative products, ample availability and strong support. The very ethos of Ramtons is “ideas for easy living”. They believe in making your shopping journey easy from the point of purchase to the point of use. Ramtons is all about combining functionality, convenience and modernity in their products, and they do the same for their range of standing fans. They believe in providing prompt after-sales services to keep customers happy long after they’ve made a purchase.

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