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Measurement and Control of Blood Pressure

Blood pressure should be measured at rest after a 5-minute rest in a warm, comfortable room. The person should be in a relaxed and calm state and make no physical movements. The room should be quiet because electronic devices are sensitive to extraneous sounds, and the measurement result is generally incorrect. Therefore, when using an electronic tonometer, it is recommended to exclude any videos and refrain from talking. These rules also apply to measurements using a mobile phone. There are useful applications that allow you to measure through the flash and mobile’s camera and analyze the collected data about your heart’s work.

Measurement Rules or How to Track Blood Pressure Correct:

– It is better to measure blood tension in a sitting position on a chair (the backrests) and better decompresses the legs. The arm should be completely comfortable, bent at the elbow, conveniently placed on the table, and kept still until the end of the measurement. If the circumstances are such that the patient is in a horizontal or vertical position, accurate measurement is also performed, but at complete rest.

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– The device is placed at the level of the devil. It is essential to free the hand from the clothes or roll up the sleeve so that the shoulder vessels are not overwhelmed.

– For greater accuracy, it is better to perform the measurement twice with an interval of several minutes. A difference of five units is average. If the deviation is still much higher, use an alternative blood pressure monitor for checking. The results may differ within the normal range on the right and left arm due to the peculiarities of vascular anatomy.

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– Eating or drinking can significantly affect the measurement results. Therefore, always keep an interval of half an hour. It applies even to mobile applications, as they are not only sensitive to the level of pressure on the vessels. Smoking and alcohol, which affect the contraction of blood vessels, will also vehemently reject the device’s readings. – Measuring blood pressure is a common practice in diagnosing the condition of the body. That is why this is one of the first procedures performed in the hospital. Measuring blood pressure helps doctors diagnose and prescribe effective treatment or correction. In both cases, it is suggested to take measurements under standard conditions: at about the same time – for example, in the morning and evening, in the case of prescribing drugs – before taking them, in one position, on the same arm. If you have high blood pressure, your doctor will recommend that you control your blood pressure when you feel worse – headache, dizziness, weakness, heart palpitations, palpitations, and more. Record the measurements’ results and bring this self-monitoring diary to the doctor – this will allow him to assess the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy and, if necessary, make adjustments.

To What Level do You Need to Lower Your Blood Pressure?

The results of studies in a large number of patients, which examined the relationship between blood pressure levels and the development of stroke and myocardial infarction, are very significant. They indicate a substantial increase in the frequency of these complications at blood pressure levels exceeding 140/90. Therefore, since 1993, the World Health Organization has made official recommendations to keep blood pressure below critical, 140/90. The main idea is to reduce the load on the heart and the body’s entire cardiovascular system. Blood pressure is a very individual matter, and the causes of blood pressure spikes depend on many factors. A person at the age of 60 may experience high blood pressure for the first time, 160/90, which indicates his limit is higher than the average 140/90.

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Achieving Adequate Blood Pressure Control Requires the Joint Efforts of Doctor and Patient.

Your active participation is essential to achieve a healthy level of blood pressure and its long-term maintenance. Any therapy involves primarily monitoring the condition. It is vital to control your blood tension regularly while taking blood pressure medications. Such information provides the physician with an understanding of the patient’s condition and for subsequent treatment adjustments. To this end, we offer you to keep a diary of your measurements. But it is most convenient to use a mobile application for the iPhone, which not only measures and stores data in the form of graphs but can also transmit information directly to your doctor, without a personal visit. Special care is needed when you start to take antihypertensive drugs or have undergone therapy adjustments and new medications.

Pressure measurement should be registered at least twice a day. It is convenient to do it in the morning before work and in the evening, before going to bed. For a complete picture, the schedule of regular measurements should include at least a week. If the target pressure levels are less than 140/90, measures may check less frequently. If you feel sick, seek medical attention quickly and, if possible, take unscheduled measurements. Always follow your doctor’s advice, especially when it comes to medication.

Hypertension Requires Constant Medication.

Taking a break from treatment is wrong. It also applies to courses of treatment from time to time during periods of exacerbation. In case of sudden cessation of treatment, complications may occur hypertensive crisis, angina, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, and stroke.

Hypertension has little to do with a disease such as the flu. In high blood pressure conditions or predisposition to it, it is essential to regularly take pharmacologically agreed with the doctor and lead a healthy lifestyle. You can also control the level of physical activity using the already mentioned applications. The best example here would be a Welltory product as the best blood pressure app. It is not just an app, but a whole support team in your smartphone. In addition to the basics of a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to rest well at night and continuously gets rid of the harmful emotional stress that haunts a modern man. How to measure heart rate variability? This app can help with heart rate tracking and sleep analysis and measure stress levels as a full HRV biofeedback app.

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