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How to use the Emoji Bar on Windows 10

by Yvone Kendi
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Microsoft has introduced extra features, one of the most interesting is the emoji bar. From messages to Social media posts, they spice things up our online conversations every other day. Users can also use emojis in Windows, enter any emoji in any text file, whether on the Internet or in any app. The Emoji bar isn’t really part of the computer keyboard, it’s an entirely different and distinct bar which you can open up when you want.

Emojis on Windows 10

  • Click the keypad icon in the settings menu to access the touch keyboard on-screen.
  • To allow the Touch keyboard, just go to Taskbar, right-click, and select the Show keyboard button.
  • Press on the smiley face of the on-screen keyboard: the emoji keyboard will substitute the regular alphabetical keyboard.
  • These small cartoon symbols are categorized into a wide range of categories, including emoticons, facial emojis, party pops, food, symbols, love, automobiles, and much more.
  • To change categories, tap the category button at the bottom of the keyboard.
  • To swipe through the emojis in a single category, tap the back and forward buttons on the left side of the keyboard.
  • You also can change the colour tone of the emojis on this keyboard. Press on the small colour square next to the Smiley button and select the skin tone from 6 different options.

Web browsers have a way to use emojis on their Windows 10 PC. Almost every popular emoticon is included in the emojis set. You don’t need to go to the third-party app or the website to copy the emoticons.

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