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6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With The New mySafaricom App


Have you gotten the new my Safaricom app?

I just updated my app a few minutes ago or rather I had to reinstall it and quite frankly I did this because the app bribed me with 500mb free bundle. Apart from the bundles I would rate the app 8/10 and that’s because I don’t believe in giving extra marks on the first day, after all I need a lot more time to engage with it first.

First thing the app asked me to do was choose 5 of my favourite features, basically send money, lipa na m-pesa, fuliza(yes, it’s important too) plus other three that I chose and after that as I explored I discovered that it has rather useful new features.

1.You can use Wi-Fi

Basically, you don’t need a Safaricom data connection to log in, but you Android device must be running Android 9 Pie and previous versions. This feature is not yet functional for iPhone users which I must admit feels good since iPhone users get everything first. Anyways, if you don’t have bundles but you have Wi-Fi you can use your app features.

2.Share M-PESA messages straight from the app

There are those moments when someone wants proof that you sent the money especially if they didn’t receive the M-PESA message. Most of the times you erase your balance and especially if you fulizad you definitely delete that bit, well the app already does that for you.

3.Get your M-PESA statements

Whereas before you had to wait to get your statements on this app you can request to get a breakdown of the amount you’ve been getting in and how much you’ve spent. I just checked mine and honestly I must say I should own a piece of land by now.

4.Scan scratch card to top up

For those of you who don’t top up on M-PESA and you prefer scratch cards all you have to do is let the app scan the 16 digit card and it automatically loads up the airtime for you, pretty cool right?

5.Read the papers

Yep, everything is going digital and so are newspapers. You can buy and read your favourite newspaper online. Just select your preferred publication and pay using airtime. How much is it? a lot cheaper than a physical newspaper, it’s only 20 shillings.

6.Manage your bills

I used this feature from the previous app and found it useful. It basically saves the bills you’ve paid before especially the most frequent so the next time all you have to do is go and literally just pay, you can also set the due date for your bills so all you have to do is pay on the day.