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Four Must Check Things when Buying Battery Load Testers for Your Facility

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The fast-growing demand to promote a green economy, enhance the efficiency of industrial equipment and cut the cost of production, has resulted in the rapid adoption of batteries use in different sectors. Be they research organizations or electric car production facilities, the need to have high-performance batteries cannot be overemphasized. One of the best ways of ensuring the batteries in your facility are working well is through regular testing with high-quality battery testing equipment

This post takes a closer look at the battery load testers to help you identify and only buy the best.  Check out the four main things that you must check before placing that order for new testers. 


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A good battery test system should be designed with quality materials to guarantee high durability. When considering the hardware, it is important to factor in the nature of your work environment. For example, if your research facility involves working with corrosive chemicals, check for battery load testers designed with high-tolerance materials. Other hardware attributes you might need to check include: 

  1. Good thermal management system. 
  2. Corrosion-resistant and well-insulated materials. 
  3. Sold with guarantees.

In addition to these hardware considerations, the lithium ion testing system should be light enough for easy movement within your business or organization. 

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The modern battery testing devices are designed to use advanced software that make testing accurate and easy. The software should have multiple features that make it possible to use with different batteries and still provide correct results. This implies that you will not have to install different software for every type of battery in your system. Other attributes of good software for your tester include: 

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  1. It should be compatible with most industrial computers
  2. The software should have regular updates to enhance the performance of the equipment. 
  3. The tester should also be easy to troubleshoot and correct issues.  

Management and Control 

In a factory setting, whether it’s a car manufacturing facility or university research unit, the batteries are central because they help run critical facilities. Therefore, the management of such batteries might be delegated only to qualified personnel. So, you should go for the equipment that provides good logging and management control

Customer Support 

Like other types of electronic equipment, you should only go for the battery testing equipment sold by companies with good customer support. The goal is to ensure that if you are stuck, it will be easy to get assistance. For example, if your company has just started using battery testing devices, the manufacturer should be ready to pick your call and resolve the challenges you are facing. So, go for the equipment sold by a manufacturer with multiple support channels, such as live chats, direct phone line and email inquiries. 

When looking for battery load testers, the goal is to ensure you only select the model that works best for your facility. Consider working with top equipment manufacturers, such as ARBIN Instruments that design a wide range of testing equipment, including lithium ion battery testing equipment. No matter what you are looking for in battery testing equipment, know that ARBIN has the best.


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Milcah Lukhanyu
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