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Why your business should be on Instagram

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  Instagram has become one of the top social media platforms where people are running their business through Instagram posts and selling their product at a rapid rate. You might be thinking about why people are shifting their business on Instagram while they can sell their products at online stores or websites. The reason is Instagram can give better insights to the business owners about how many customers are visiting their profile regularly and social media platforms. Instagram can play a vital role in the success of your business.

Let us see what are the top reasons your business should be on Instagram.

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  1. Recognition of your brand:

 Generating a profile on Instagram for business is great forthe recognition of your brand. They will get an idea about your products or services you are offering. It’s very important to generate different videos, posts, stories depicting desiring features of products. Your Instagram feed should reflect how you can add value to the people of lives by writing catchy Instagram captions. Create a powerful portfolioabout your brand. Uploading stories and creating highlights on Instagram can also give a better illustration of why you are on Instagram.

  1. Feedback from the customers:

It is more convenient to get feedback from the customers about your products by creating different polls and question-answer segments. Recognize the problems of your customer they are facing, compile them, and creating Instagram stories can give you a generalized idea of how you can improve your services as a seller and how to solve their problems. This can help new and old customers to know about your product selling strategy and how you deal with your client’s problems. Encourage people to ask questions to clear all their doubts, make it easy for them to contact you.

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  1. Ability to run campaigns and giveaways:

You can promote your products by starting campaigns and paid promotion to social media influencers, more people will be able to see your products, like Instagram posts, visit your profile and services on the page. You can also generate small giveaways to attract more followers and customers. The maximum participation of people in the giveaway will increase audience engagement, awareness about your products, increasing the number of followers and Instagram likes. In this way running a business on Instagram can generate more traffic and it is comparatively easy to attract customers on it.

  1. Collaboration with other businesses:

      You can also collab with other businesses that are offering the same services to attract more customers and audience and to increase the selling rate of your products. You can go live with other marketing brands, mention and tag each other on social media posts and Instagram stories can start a challenge together to engage customers and followers in your posts, helping to expand your audience at a rapid rate. This is the appropriate way to grow your business instead of buying Instagram likes,cheap way for the promotion of product.

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  1. Captivating stories, caption, and high visual videos:

People are mostly attracted to different inspirational stories. You can also tell stories to your upcoming by telling them the background story of your whole business, how it all started, and where you are now, through this technique you can develop an emotional connection with your clients. More people will be able to trust your brand and products. You can also high-resolution photos and unique and creative captions to attract new customers. You can also add videos to your feed to introduce your business, describing the details of the product. Creating small one minute videos reflecting the pros and cons of your product will also help to grow your business on Instagram.

No doubt, Instagram is great for many start-ups and small businesses to promote their products.

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Fawad Malik
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