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College Campuses That Allow Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are great for getting around, especially in cities and other relatively dense areas. Of course, they can also be a lot of fun on backwoods trails. Whatever your environment, consider bringing an e-bike to campus. However, you should make sure that electric bikes are allowed on your campus before showing up with one.

Why You Should Bring an Electric Bike To College

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There are many great reasons why a college student may want to buy electric bike online for getting to class. These are some of the benefits:

  • Easy Transportation: E-bikes can help you get around easily. For most students, this means getting to class faster and with ease. You can even take on gravel, dirt trails and other uneven paths.
  • Cost-Effective: Electric bikes are relatively inexpensive to buy. Plus, they require no gas. In fact, many campuses even have free charging. You can save money while you ride around.
  • Exercise Opportunity: If you want, you can pedal hard to get to class. This is a good way to get in a little exercise and possibly burn off the dreaded “freshman 15.”

Make Sure To Follow the Rules

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As mentioned above, it is important to know the rules before you bring an electric bike to campus. Each one has slightly different rules about what is allowable.

USC encourages using bikes, e-bikes and electric scooters provided that riders follow all rules of the road and general electric bike safety tips. Conversely, San Diego State University has banned electric bikes and scooters from campus following a string of incidents. UCLA has several approved vendors for renting electric bikes. Other rentals are allowed on campus but cannot be parked there. It is unclear whether personal e-bikes can be parked on campus or not.

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It is worth noting that students who live off-campus can likely still enjoy many of the benefits of e-bike ownership even on more restrictive campuses. Regardless of where you live, make sure that you are following the rules of your campus whenever you are on it.

How To Stay Safe on an E-Bike

Some campuses have gotten more restrictive due to traffic issues and accidents related to electric bikes. The key to fully enjoying your electric bike is to stay safe and ride in approved areas. There is no reason to get in trouble with your college or even the law by being unsafe.

One often overlooked part of e-bike safety is making sure you have one that fits your body. Electric bikes for tall riders can be a huge benefit if you are of above-average height. Conversely, petite people should opt for smaller bikes. Trying to operate a bike that isn’t right for your frame is uncomfortable and dangerous.

Learn More Today

College campuses can be the perfect places for electric bikes. However, inexperienced riders may cause issues. So, make sure that you are following all the rules for your campus and municipality. Fortunately, most colleges tend to make it easy because they know that students want to bring their e-bikes. Learn more today to see if you could start riding to class on an electric bike.

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