This Is How Much Spotify Premium Plans Will Cost In Kenya


This is how much spotify premium plans will cost in Kenya.

I remember there was this guy who once boasted about his spotify app, he said he could listen to any song without ads and I said I could block the ads using an ad blocker, but anyways, I digress, the point is for any music lover who wants variety Spotify will launch their spotify premium and free services in Kenya and in case you want the premium services you see the ones below.

How much will it cost?

1.For the individual plan

The individual plan is quite affordable and only goes KSh 299. For quality music that I’d say this is fair. For individuals, a one week payment will cost KES 89. 3 months is KES 956, 6 months payment is KES 1794 and a 12 month payment is KES 2990

2. Duo plan

This will cost KSh 389 by duo we guess it means you split with someone else. In case you’re interested in the a weekly plan then there’s that option too.

3. Student plan

This is obviously the cheapest and we’re quite sure some Kenyans will use their student IDs from God knows when, kindly be truthful about it. There are also prepaid plans for the Premium Student options too.

4. Family accounts

For the family account it will go for KSh 479. These are prices for auto renew plans only.

How to make a payment:

The most frustrating payment plans are the ones that insist you must pay using a card or PayPal but with this option you have MPESA which is such a great option considering there are millions of users on MPESA. Once you get on the spotify website you will be able to choose whichever plan you prefer.

Why spotify?

Spotify Premium has the benefits of higher bitrate quality (so theoretically better sounding music), downloading songs for offline use, no ads, unlimited skips and playing any song.