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Notable Trends in Social Media Marketing

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Social platforms consistently launch new features and keep updating their algorithms. Like social media trends are also undergoing – transformation. These quick transitions are a huge challenge to social media marketers and brands as they need to update their existing strategies continually. Smm panels help businesses and marketers in social platforms to connect with their target customers. Marketers need to monitor the latest technology that determines the future of social media.

Consistent Expansion of Social Commerce

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Brands have been using social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to promote their products. Social commerce is seeking continual interest from the brands, and its trend is getting even more robust. Social commerce evolves as a mainstream retail platform above other modes such as offline stores and websites. 

Marketers and Brands leverage and incorporate social commerce as a part of their sales strategy. It is evident from shoppable posts and Instagram storefronts that social media agency in London is consistently growing as a retail channel. Hootsuite’s recent survey conveyed that nearly seventy-three percent of businesses use social media to acquire new customers.

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Purpose -Oriented Campaigns Will Take Up a Crucial Role

While social media consistently drives engagement with significant causes, everyone became aware that people always want to help others. The Twitter survey states that users wanted brands to focus on acts of kindness. And also, users feel confident about the brands that voluntarily support people during the crisis.

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As brands faced various crises in 2020, purposeful campaigns have emphasized the significance of authenticity and preparing backup of their marketing options. Influencers and brands in social media platforms must be aware of the appropriate time to engage and when to step back from the issue that is not relevant or essential. 

Rising Popularity of Live Stream

The year 2020 has forced retailing models to transform themselves, thereby making a possible shopping experience. All of a sudden, every business took up an online channel. Even people who have never shot with their video cameras began to participate in Zoom Calls. Even the more aged age groups adapted the online chat and live-streaming. People are getting habitual to interact with businesses in real-time online. 

Though traditional social platforms served their best in 2020, Specialized live streaming platforms will continue to gain incredible popularity. Live streaming doesn’t merely work for gaming, and major shopping events are getting trending on social channels. Also, improved customer service takes place through live streaming. 

Reaping Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Social media is the kingdom of Influencers who get paid enormously to promote brands. Social platforms will witness a sharp rise in the number of Influencers and heightened investment in Influencer marketing activities. Spending on Influencers is cost-effective than paid ad campaigns. Also, Influencers support marketers in achieving distinct marketing goals. Moving forward, 

Marketers are not just collaborating with one or two Influencers but are coordinating with a complete network of relevant, niche Influencers. These types of Influencers receive much higher engagements and minimal costs. Moving forward, more marketers will implement the strategy and collaborate with many small Influencers instead of an exclusive celebrity.

Reels Skyrocket Organic Instagram Exposure

Reach, and Engagement of Feed posts have reduced as Instagram turned its attention to stories. Similarly, now the reach is decreasing for stories, and the platform has bloomed with Reels. Instagram Reels can be up to thirty seconds duration. Reels are much similar to stories like talking to the camera. But reels can include texts and music to keep them engaging. The Green Screen effect in reels is incredible for small businesses as it enables sharing screenshots, photos or videos. The Green Screen effect enhances more views and invites new customers.

Screenshots can showcase queries that businesses receive through messages or emails. There are endless options in Instagram Reels and exclusively include photos before and after the images that represent the business’s transformation.

Augmented Reality Occupies Media Trend

Like Virtual Reality, recent social media events have boosted the adoption of Augmented reality experiences. AR has become even more readily accessible than VR, and user and brands only require a smartphone. Brands are rapidly purchasing into this evolving social media trend by developing AR filters to promote engagement among the fans or new products. 

AR also plays a crucial role in purchases as it enables “try on” products through phone cameras. AR experiences make customers envision products from their place, and therefore it significantly enhances sales. Businesses creatively implement AR into their social media strategy that helps them stand ahead of their competitors.  

Final Thoughts

Businesses can leverage these trends to their advantage and progress ahead of the competitors. Social media is a competitive ad dynamic space, and the trends can help in winning the social game. Anticipating the current social trends can help businesses and individual users a more substantial social presence in the future. But being aware of their priorities can help them achieve great heights.

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