How to declare Rummy and score in the game of Rummy


Declaring rummy

Declaring Rummy according to Indian rummy rules is possible when you’ve meld all your cards and it’s your turn to go out. For declaring rummy, know that the player must not have done two things. Those two things are he must not have melded or laid off any cards prior during the hand. A person who is playing the game with the discard rule, needs to discard even after melding. And in case suddenly a player goes rummy when a card can still be played, then be assured that the player is out for that turn. Game players will remain in the game but that hand goes dead. No doubt that Playing for rummy is way riskier, but all risky things come with rewards which in this case is double the score.

The rules state that Each player needs to wait for their second turn if they want to go out. In case there is a rummy which is lying in the pile, the player who called “rummy” is eligible to play that card whereas, the player who has laid the rummy then needs to draw 2 cards from the stockpile or he can also pick up the whole discard pile. In a sealed discard joker, Any player can declare the card at his very first attempt itself on the rummy game app.


The hands always end after a player has gone out, and the players count up how many cards they have. These cards left in the hand of each player are counted up and added to the winner’s score. Each card has a different type of scoring. The face card counts to 10 each, number cards have a face value and aces are termed as one. Also, there are variations too, most common ones involve counting an ace as 11 or 15.


There are different variations present in the game. In some of them, The joker cards can be used as wildcards and they can represent any card value whenever they are melding. These types of cards have limited uses like,  can be used in sets or runs. But, there comes a restriction that it can not be replaced when ‘melded’, and a player cannot lay off a card to replace it by themselves or even by their opponent. Don’t forget, Jokers are never counted during the scoring.

In other variations of this game like Rummy 500 and treppenrome, The discards pile is placed in a way that all the cards are visible. When the game begins, a player is free to take any card from the discarded file. The only important thing to remember is that the sequence should not break of picking card that is on the top of it. The very last card which when picked up is played immediately.

Today we saw two important aspects of the Rummy game with which learning to play it gets easier. Scoring is a tricky part but a little focus will make you the winner too.