Taimba making it stress-free to make a profit by linking agriculturalists and traders.


Taimba was started with an aim of creating a direct link between the farmers and traders. Through this direct connection, the income for farmers multiplies, and minimal food wastage is recorded. The traders get a chance to link with the farmer and acquire an opportunity to buy goods at a lower cost compared to the market prices. Taimba is able to link them by sourcing directly from farmers whereby they come to an understanding on a date and the rates of harvest and the payment of farmers are when the products are picked. Whenever a vendor needs some goods they are to request through the Taimba app and they get their goods the next day.

Normally a large percentage of agriculturalists are based in the rural areas which are more convenient for them whereas most traders are based in the urban areas. These farmers always work intensely to cultivate so that they can produce a bumper harvest. The majority of the farmers do not have access to a better market for their goods. There are many agents on the way from the farm to the store who end up purchasing goods from farmers and they end up selling products at a cheap price and incur huge losses. On the other side traders in the market face difficulties from the same agents who make accessing goods directly from the farmers difficult thus left with no option and they end up buying products that are available for them in the market at a high cost. Taimba has really come to their rescue.

Taimba has cooperated with Enviu which will empower Taimba to grow to the subsequent stage with the financial assistance of Done Foundation. Taimba has incorporated cold logistics in its value chain which will enhance preservation of goods thus reducing spoilage.. This has been possible by the   250,000 –euro project funding and support of the project included as well. Lack of proper storage can make the goods being transported from the farmers to traders spoil. Transportation can also be a major issue and that is why Taimba has embraced the cold storage and transport solution which can enable carriage of a wider variety of storage of goods that are perishable. This method also allows a delay in time between the harvesting and selling which makes an unchanging need for farmers as well as suppleness. Taimba is now capable of growing and becoming an example to emulate to other firms which are participating in the food chain in the area as well.

Taimba has managed to come up with funds from Us based impact investor Gray Matters Capital`s gender lens portfolio colas which they are to use to build up the infrastructure of their packhouse and widen offerings to farmers which is to include fruits.

Taimba prioritizes the farmers wants as well the traders. Farmers are catered for in that:

  • There is a set market for the farmer and also transportation challenges are catered for which could affect the farmer’s access to the market.
  • Farmers are able to get value for their goods as Taimba ensures that affordable prices are met as well as the timing of the payment which should be on time.
  • Best agricultural practices are provided for farmers to enable them to acquire good produce.

The retailers are also catered for by the following ways:

  • The retailers can get their goods at their own comfort using the app and any additional finished goods are done at inappropriate times with no inconveniences caused.
  • Taimba delivers quality goods as the farmers are taught the best agricultural practices.
  • The prices for products are lowered and there is an assurance of getting fresh produce.
  • Taimba offers accountability and security of products as they guarantee to track the source of products.
  • Taimba saves you time and energy that you could use going to the market to purchase the goods.

Taimba is here for everyone despite the current location that you are in as you can buy and sell goods at your own comfort.