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How to Apply Online for a Land Title Deed

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A title is a bundle of rights for a real estate property, and a title search is the process of determining what these rights are and who possesses them.Title records are public documents that list ownership, encumbrances, liens, and other similar information. They include written documents such as deeds and mortgages, as well as tax, marriage, and probate records and any other document that may affect a property’s title.Title records are essential in determining property ownership and identifying encumbrances that act as impediments to clear titles.

How to pay your land rates online:

Launch your browser and navigate to eCitizen, where you can sign in or create a new account.

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To access the land search, go to the Ministry of Land and Urban Housing Development.

Simply enter your land title number, complete the online form, and submit it. Confirm the information that has been entered before proceeding with the payment.

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You will be able to print the results once your payment has been confirmed.

here is how to apply first:

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How to apply for a Land Title Deed online

Conduct an online land search.

Sign up for the e-Citizen portal E-Citizen.

Select the land search option from the Ministry of Land, Housing, and Urban Development link.

Fill out the online land search form Kenya with the title number and submit it. A search will preferably confirm that the guy selling you the land is the legal owner.

The property is free of encumbrances such as a bank charge or a caveat restricting the sale of the land, among other things.

Verify the information and pay with the available payment method, which can be a debit card, credit card, M-Pesa, or bank transfers.

A fee of Ksh 500 is required for the search.

Once the payment is confirmed, the applicant can print the results; however, if you do not wish to do so, the information will always be available on the portal whenever you log in.

Acquire land transfer documents.

This process includes contacting a lawyer to help obtain and notarize the land transfer documents.

Apply to the County Government, pay, and obtain a rates clearance certificate.

The seller’s lawyer does this by consulting with the local county government’s lands office.

The entire procedure could end up taking five days and cost Ksh 10,000.

This certificate indicates that there are no outstanding fees owed to the City County office. The lawyer’s fees are calculated based on the value of the land.

Apply to the Commissioner of Lands for a Land Rent Clearance Certificate.

A Land rent clearance certificate is issued by the commissioner of lands. This certificate verifies that no outstanding fees are owed to the County Government.

The title in its entirety a copy of the deed plan Proof of complete payment of the outstanding rent (LRT2 deposit forms, pay-in-slips and most recent rent clearance certificate).

Apply for and receive permission to transfer from the Commissioner of Lands.

The National Land Commission must be consulted before transferring leasehold land held by the government under the repealed Act.

Following the payment and issuance of both the Land rent certificate and the Land rate certificate, the lawyer makes a written application to the commissioner of lands and the prescribed form is executed for consent to transfer the desired property.

Consent to transfer is granted upon payment of the prescribed amount. This procedure takes nine days and costs Ksh 1,000.

File the transfer instrument with the Lands Office to determine the stamp duty due on the transfer.

The buyer’s lawyer drafts the transfer, and the transfer instrument must be approved by the seller’s counterpart before it is filled out at the land office and assessed for Stamp Duty.

Following the approval of the lawyer, the instrument is submitted to the Lands Registry for stamp duty assessment.

The stamp duty is 4% of the property value for urban lands and 2% for rural lands.

The amount of stamp duty to be paid is specified when the application is submitted, but it takes approximately 7 days to receive the payment receipt.

Obtain a stamp duty valuation.

A land officer will inspect your property.

An inspector visits the site to verify the development and state of the property after the draft transfer is filed at the land office.

In order to ensure accurate tax payment, the inspector visits the site to evaluate and verify the indicated purchase price of the property. An additional payment is requested if the assessed value differs from the one indicated by the parties.

Payment of Stamp Duty

The stamp duty assessment officer will then determine the amount of stamp duty payable and indicate it on the forms. This process takes three days.

Stamp duty is paid. A banker’s check is required to pay the stamp duty.

Payment is made through commercial banks, including the Kenya Commercial Bank and the National Bank of Kenya.

This Stamp Duty is paid online through the KRA Itax portal.

After paying the stamp duty, the transfer documents are franked to confirm that any charges or taxes, such as the stamp duty, have been paid.

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