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How to Delete,Change Firefox Saved Passwords

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It is very easy to set up an online account and then forget about the login information.The most popular browsers, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari, offer a built-in password manager to make the auto-fill process easier.When you switch to a new browser, you should export or delete any saved passwords from an old one, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

How to Delete Firefox Saved Passwords

Click the Menu button in Firefox, then select Preferences.

Select Privacy & Security on the left panel.

Select the Saved Logins button from the Logins and Passwords section.

Select the one you want to delete from the list of individual site passwords and click Remove. Click Remove All to get rid of everything. When you’re finished, click Close.

How to Change Firefox Saved Passwords

Select Manage Account by clicking the Firefox account symbol.

Click the Change button next to Password on your Firefox account page.

Enter your old and new passwords as directed, then click Change to finish.

Try the following quick password storing tips:

Make use of a password manager.

Its hard to remember P6Nwq3EnecGjC$, which is why using a password manager like NordPass is your best bet for creating a strong password.

Use strong passwords for each account, and use a different one for each.

Use two-factor authentication, or 2FA, at all times. You’ll be adding a stronger second layer of security to your password this way, similar to a fingerprint or a secret question.

N/B:To use the same password on multiple occasions makes all of your online accounts unsafe.

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