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Waste disposal in Nigeria has been made easier and profitable by Scrapays.

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Scrapays is working on making waste disposal an enjoyable and profit-making experience for everyone. Scrapays provide businesses and individuals an opportunity to link up with independent recyclable material collection businesses so they can dispose of their separated waste and acquire a profit. Scrapays has waste gatherers who are always ready to serve the clients.

In order to access Scrapays services you are required to:

Sort out the materials for waste disposal.

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Set aside alike material type to be as one. This eases the process of having to be disqualified by the collectors when they come to pick the waste.

For commencement of the process, you are required to dial *347*477#. Scrapays inquires where you are requesting from and later on gets an opportunity to meet with you.

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There is an option of selecting the category of materials you want to dispose of. After making the selection you can go ahead and click on the request button which automatically gets you assigned to a collector.

The collector comes to your destination, weighs the materials on the scale. After the collector has done the weighing, you have a chance to approve the cost.

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In your online wallet you obtain the value equal in price or kg of all the materials you had disposed of.

Scrapays deals with products from enterprises, households in the following ways:

Household waste

Household waste entails old papers, cartons, Aluminium cans, Plastic (PET), and Metal scrap from your house, production line, or shop.

  • Scrapays grant freedom of taking control of your waste disposal whereby the waste collectors work within your timeline allowing you to ask for their services once you’re ready. This makes it more convenient for clients.
  • Sorting out your waste into various bags from the disposal stage enables you to meet the requirements needed. This makes it a laid-back process for both the collector and the client.
  •  Scrapays encourage minimal wastage as this also assists in creating a conducive environment for all of us. Individuals are also asked to actively participate in making the future green as well as a community that has zero waste.


Scrapays for businesses make it a more reliable and digital experience on autopilot whereby they run your material disposal tasks. Through this, you end up saving 75 % of revenue which could have been lost when asking for services from middlemen.

  • Scrapays ensures full automation by providing an inventory management system that you can use to oversee the amount of materials used and the return received.
  • Scrapays provide insights for businesses as they link the past, present and forthcoming numbers. The number of materials spent monthly or quarterly is indicated on Scrapays. There is also a chance for the business to foretell the amount to be given in the next cycle and the possible revenue.
  • Scrapays provides an opportunity to cash save up to 75% which can do a lot for your business. There is also enough transparency since Scrapays provides a proper digital record and a report which can enable you to keep track of progress made quarterly or monthly.
  • Retrieving records is easy because Scrapays provides a live reporting system and a report that is sent to you monthly.

To fulfill your corporate social responsibility Scrapays provides a platform where you can give your income earned after waste disposal to any of their listed SDG initiatives. A CSR certificate is given to all clients who donate. Scrapays values nature as well as offering the best customer service as well.

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Weddy Thuranira
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