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Paygops for profitable business solutions in Eastern Africa.

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Paygops develops supple solutions for: businesses, manufacturing partners, Open Paygops suite, and Telco Integration. Businesses are empowered in an advantageous way. This is made possible by a lineup of professionals. They not only find solutions but also ensure that the businesses gain some profit.

Elements of Paygops.

Management of leases:

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Paygops assists businesses in that:

  • A contract list is provided that assists you access your clients’ contract page. All information related to the contract is offered.
  • You can trace the lease information of your customers. Being aware of your clients’ plans and contracts enables effective management.  
  • Activation of products is allowed. Grounded on the status of repayment you can switch on and off products. Design an incentive that is to be repaid on time. Through token generation, GSM technology, etc conditioning access to your services is enabled.
  • A firm can know the progress made by the clients on lease repayment. Information concerning the progression of repayment can be monitored. All this is enabled by Paygops providing you with the profile pages of your client.
  • Discounts to your clients are so easy to offer. Paygops enables you to give discounts on the number of days of energy. Insertion of the amount to be discounted is as well allowed. This compensates for the adjournment or interference in service provision. In particular cases, repayment of discounts is given.

Management of Sales:

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Sales performance and team productivity is improved in the following ways:

  • Provision of Paygops custom Lead Forms that allows your agents to design new pointers. Simple steps are followed to achieve this. It’s basically filling in information that suits your business demands.
  • Management of leads whereby you can gain access to lead information and status updates. There is also an opportunity to upload documents and send automated custom SMS campaigns. New conversions are initiated in the diverse stages of the clients̓ journey.
  • Agents are assigned responsibilities and tasks in accordance with the needs of a business. Planning Features provided by Paygops enable the arrangement of scheduled sales visits. Interactions after-sales are enabled by the technical agents or your call center.
  • A sales dashboard that tracks the performance of the sales agents. The sales team is graded in terms that as a business you can view the top 10 Lead Generators. This enables the review and analyzing sales performance.

After sales management.

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Customers value the after services offered by businesses.

In order to achieve high customer satisfaction level, you are required to:

  • Work on data collection on customers.
  • Efficient communication and knowledge sharing of the sales agents and customers is necessary.
  • When planning for field maintenance visits, introduce tickets. In this way, you can easily follow up on the ticket resolution. Clients are offered better services in this way.

Inventory control.

Following up on the business assets is essential in an organization. Tracking the inventory movements is one of them as it enables you to be aware of any swindle. The awareness enables control of loss made during stock intake. Paygops does this by providing a platform that a specific location of goods is found and progress made.

Inventory audits are significant as you are able to analyse stock movements, date and time, the task owner, etc.

Tailored features.

Paygops modifies your business processes to suit your business needs for particular user needs.

Paygops mobile app

The app enables you to assign tasks to your agents. They can easily check their daily activities and plan themselves.

Agents can gain access to the clients list and check the lease and progress. Through this they acquire knowledge on how to work on it.

Field agents can work offline in remote areas as the app automatically detects low connectivity.

Directions on how to navigate and find the client are provided in the app.

Paygops allows businesses at various levels to reach new opportunities that will benefit them as well as their clients.

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
Weddy profiles new startups and innovators across Africa and announces funding rounds, mergers, acquisitions and startup partnerships across Africa. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Reach her and the entire news desk at [email protected]

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