Technology that will empower the gambling industry in 2021


Technology is the new must have accessory for any business looking to make it in this world. By establishing an initiative to use more technology in your everyday business plan, you can not only save on costs but more easily adapt to the constantly changing market you supply. And there hasn’t been a more important time to do this than now. The businesses that have flourished during COVID-19 have been the ones that adapted the fastest to a changing market and will continue to do so.

With online gambling already becoming one of the fastest growing industries around, we look at how they will continue to use technology to become even more successful in the coming year. Because success comes to those who embrace change and adapt accordingly.

When Twitch made its first appearance back in 2011, even they couldn’t have known just how it would take off. But they did and now billions of live stream viewers are recorded globally ever hour. It’s the biggest trend in gaming, by far, and its knock-on effect into gambling in 2021 will be huge. This trend is particularly big in North America and Canada. Basically, people sign up on real money casinos like the ones here. Then they play slots and other casino games for a huge audience.

As so many more people are confined to their homes, streaming is the only human interaction many get on a daily basis. As the 90’s saw a boom in reality TV, it’s now adapted into a new reality genre where so many players look to watch the pro’s in action when not at the table themselves. A lot of revenue is generated through advertising and it opens up the online gambling market to so many more gamers looking for something new.

  • Virtual Reality

What has made online gambling so successful has been the ability to give players that feeling of being on the casino floor from their home. Live dealing made that initial breakthrough and now virtual reality is adding that extra dimension to your gameplay. Why leave your house at all when you can sit down at the poker table with your friends or fellow players, from your own dining table.

As the hardware becomes more fine-tuned and cheaper to mass-produce, headsets will become part of the normal gaming kit in no time.

  • Cryptocurrency Deposits

At first it seemed like it was going to be just a novelty for the rich rather than an actual banking alternative, but cryptocurrencies are here to stay. With Bitcoin recently hitting the $50,000 mark, and more and more big-named companies trading with them, casinos are following suit to allow a safer online alternative for their players.

Being so secure but also offering complete anonymity, it’s perfectly suited to gambling and will soon become everyday use in all aspects of our lives.

  • Mobile Gaming

As smartphones are set to outnumber humans on the planet later this year, the introduction of 5G will see more and more players make use of this great service. Mobile gaming was such a huge chunk of the industry in 2019, and with faster and more stable internet on the way, it will boom. The hardware is already up to standard so there will be nothing to hinder the growth come the end of 2021.

  • Security

Augmented reality is going to play a huge part in beefing up the security for players looking to play online in 2021. By adding facial recognition to logins and withdrawal requests, you give further confidence to the consumer that their information is well protected. It will make things better for the player but also for the supplier as they can use this technology to streamline their services and therefore cut costs.

As increases in technology sees fingerprint and iris scanning become more cost effective, it will be implemented into everything we purchase online, not just gambling. It’s exciting and anything that reduces overheads will also benefit the consumer.