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YouTube launches new shopping feature to automatically detect products

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YouTube has introduced a new feature that will detect items shown in videos and generate a list of similar products a user can buy.

 The new feature will help users to identify products shown in the video and search for similar products on the video site and also recommend videos by other creators on the platform to shows similar products.

YouTube says, “we are experimenting with a new feature that displays a list of products detected in some videos as well as related products and that the goal is to help explore videos and information about those products on the platform”.

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For instance, when searching for top smartphones in 2020, viewers will see an icon on the video, along with more information, listing the phone models included in the video. From there, viewers can explore each products page to see more information, related videos and purchase options for that product, YouTube continued.

Natasha Hulme, director at Beauty Communications agency Seen Group, explained that beauty consumers looking for product reviews and advice, use YouTube like a search engine as well as for entertainment. This new feature will therefore make it easier for beauty buyers to find products being recommended by beauty creators and make it less likely that products will get missed in the content.

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In addition, she suggested that the technology could extend beyond reviews to more creative applications, for example finding out the make-up used in a music video.

Pilot testing on the new feature commenced last year in April in the U.S and experts say this could bring huge changes to the advertising industry.

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The covid 19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and consumers in emerging markets are shifting to online shopping changed and rely more on the internet. This could be the reason companies are coming up with new updates to remain relevant.

 The new features will therefore help the video sharing app which is owned by Google to better position itself in the rapid growing e-commerce industry.

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