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4 Things You Need To Do Before You Reset Your Android Phone

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Would you like to reset your android phone? these are things you need to do before you reset your android phone.

You know it’s time to factory reset your phone when performing basic task takes too long and most of your applications keep crashing. A factory reset, also called a master reset, restores a device to its original system state and often, solves the issue of a malfunctioning device.

By doing this,users agree to delete permanently all their data and applications encrypted on their phone. This is irreversible and can’t be undone so it is a must to back up your phone in advance. Scroll down for some feasible ways to reset Android without losing data.

1.Make a List of What You Want to Save

There might be files on your phone that you can’t let go yet. It can be something important or valuable to you. So, before you reset it, browse through your device and take note of the stuff you have. If you can, list the data you want to keep starting from your media files, to your messages, contacts, note, documents and the applications you installed. Bear in mind that factory resetting will remove everything on your phone which is essentially similar to reformatting a drive. After securing what to backup before factory resetting Android, advance to the next section.

2.Back Up Your Phone Data

Photos are precious as they hold meaningful memories to us. So, if you consider saving a copy of your pictures, you can use Google Photos. This is a free sharing app and a storage service created by Google to store photos, as well as videos. It has two settings: High quality and Original quality. The first one allows you to upload unlimited images and videos of up to 16 mp and 1080 resolution. While the second maintains the quality of your file but it uses the storage quota of your Google account. Here’s what to do before factory reset Android for your pictures.

3.Upload Your Music to the Cloud

If you’re still not using streaming services to play music, you might want to backup songs stored on your Android device before resetting it. One of the most effective methods to do this is through uploading it to the cloud. There are many cloud services on the market like Dropbox and One Drive. However, these apps are bound with insufficient storage limit, especially when you signed up for free. So, if you have plenty of songs saved on your phone, Google Drive is the right choice for you. This lets you upload files of up to 15 GB—that is nearly 4,000 songs. Check out the steps to Android backup before factory reset.

4.Factory Resets Your Phone

Does a factory reset delete everything on Android? This is a common question of mobile users whenever they need to reset their device. Sadly, the answer is yes. So, beforehand, make sure you have a backup of your data. And after successfully ensuring you have a copy, you can now reset your phone.

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