Globally Renowned, HexGn Startup Ready programme Launched for African Entrepreneurs

HexGn has launched its flagship Startup Ready programme for the African entrepreneurs. The current cohort is being launched in collaboration with Passion Incubator, Leadspace and Hub One from Lagos, Nigeria. HexGn is associated with governments and private entities in 20+ countries, helping them make their ecosystems and institutions more entrepreneurial and future proof.
Various reports suggest that 75%-90% startups fail because of several factors, prominent among them is the lack of market need. The HexGn programme nudges early-stage entrepreneurs to put the concept into the domain of potential customers for validation.
The entrepreneurs are motivated to get regular feedback from customers, to arrive at a minimum viable product. In addition to world class mentorship and coaching, the HexGn programme includes deep dives and sessions focused on product design, customer acquisition and leadership development for founders, specialised training, media opportunities and access to HexGn network of engineers and experts. The 3-month programme activities are focused on helping participants refine their concept, solidify their business model and enhance their readiness level for global investors. Continuing its philosophy of supporting needy entrepreneurs, HexGn is offering scholarships and fee waivers to deserving startups with ideas that can scale up globally, and generate new job opportunities at the local level. The applications for the cohort are now open on the HexGn website at this link
 HexGn and its cohort partners, Passion Incubator, Lead-space and Hub One are offering the tools and support required to rapidly and successfully identify a business model worth scaling. With such a large population of young people, supportive policies and programmes like HexGn Startup Ready aim to drive inclusive youth development. By 2030, young Africans are expected to make up 42 percent of the world’s youth and account for 75 percent of the those under age 35 in Africa