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Top 5 Ways to Reach Out to Influential Bloggers with Your Music

The digital world continues to transform the music industry in many ways. Research on essential social media platforms for musicians shows that these platforms positively influence artists’ talents and careers.

Reaching out to influential bloggers with your music can boost your talent in many ways. Usually, influential bloggers gain much traffic on their sites. That is why artists featuring on their sites can boost their music power and prominence.

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As an upcoming independent musician, you can benefit from free music promotion. You get the chance to interact with top bloggers in your niche. The same can help expand on your talent and career. 

Our article below will look at how you can reach out to influential bloggers with your music. But, first, let’s find out why you should promote your music through bloggers.

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Why You Should Promote Your Music via Bloggers

1. You Gain Quick Exposure as an Artist

As stated earlier, most influential bloggers have a wider reach. As you seek to make new fans by reaching out to them, you can benefit your music talent by gaining exposure. 

As an artist, interacting with influential bloggers will boost your music further. As you begin attaining exposure, the number of fans for your music will increase. Your music’s coverage may expand through interaction with famous bands and artists.

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2. You Enjoy Disclosure through Interviews

Music bloggers offer you the chance of disclosure to the public through interviews. Fans love to know more about their artists. But often, they lack in-depth information about the artists they love. Interviews offer them further insights into the general life of their favourite artists.

Every interview you do gives you a chance to share more about yourself. You can provide your fans with more information about the stuff they may wish to hear about you. Such factors can increase public attention towards your music. You can also benefit from music distribution that can boost your performance.

Top 5 Ways to Get Your Music Heard through Influential Bloggers

Any artist can start getting noticed by a wider public and give their music a cutting edge. Below, we will look at the top 5 ways to get your music heard through influential bloggers. They include:

1. Searching for Bloggers who Cover Your Music Genre

Your target should be to aim for bloggers who will find it essential to feature your content. How do you achieve this? By discovering the bloggers who appear to feature your music genre.

For example, if you focus on classical music, pitch out only to classical music bloggers. This way, the publication reviewing the blogger’s content can also review yours. Thus, you keep sharpening your career further.

As you pitch to bloggers in your genre, do not forget to incorporate into the mail an MP3 link to your music. It allows the bloggers to download your music right away from their email. Afterwards, they can listen to the music immediately. Thus, you gain an added advantage for your music’s possible quick featuring.

You may also join online communities for musicians and fans. Besides the fact that doing this is already free music promotion for you, there are most likely influential bloggers on these platforms as well looking for fresh talents who they can feature on their blogs. You can take advantage of this as the bloggers would be discovering you instead of you looking for them. 

2. Offering Unique Content to Bloggers

It is a fact that “to be irreplaceable, you must always be different.” People love connecting to new things. The same applies to music.

Unique content is important. It will enable the attraction of influential bloggers. As a result, the same will aid in exposing your music talent. Distinctiveness will set you high above the many artists pitching to bloggers. Thus, you may win your music the needed favour for further expansion. 

When you offer unique content, you also spread out the forces of attraction to potential fans. Bloggers often wish to associate with unique content. This is because they also want to increase attention to their sites.

3. Writing a Catchy Email Subject Line

Catchy email subject lines are essential to capture the blogger’s attention. In the subject, make sure you mention any special aspect revolving around your music.

Remember that you are not the only one pitching out to bloggers. These people get hundreds of emails daily. Thus, you must remain determined to stay on top of your game. Be smart enough to have your music featured in the top blogs. You need to play around with your words to grab the quick attention of these bloggers.

For example, you can mention if your song features a renowned artist. If you have any latest song releases, ensure you highlight them. Your subject line should also be specific, expressive, and give a highlight of your music.

4. Describing Your Music in a Brief and Creative Manner

As you pitch, remember that brevity and creativity are the most successful keys. Bloggers will hardly go through an email that is too long, say five or six paragraphs, or more.

The secret to grabbing the blogger’s attention is to use few, creative sentences. You can achieve this by providing the right information in an original style. 

For instance, you could explain any fascinating information about your music. You can do this by including a short, captivating story on an incident or a person featured in your music.

5. Using Visual Aids to Make your Email More Appealing

Make sure you know how to use visual aids in your pitching. Pictures are worth a thousand words. An appealing email will attract and maintain the bloggers’ attention. Visual aids (images and graphics) will offer a real representation of your music track. It also portrays your persona as an artist.

Ensure you use well-designed images or artwork. Such factors can force the right bloggers to feature your music immediately. Thus, you enjoy the advantages of online music marketing. Every artist needs such benefits for growth and expansion.

Final Thoughts

Reaching out to influential bloggers can benefit artists in many ways. You can scale up the music industry by exposing your talent to a wider audience. You can also enjoy the influence of your music power. 

Bloggers never wish to feature dull, repeated music content on their sites. Instead, they value special, unique content. This is what will set them apart from the multitudes and add to their site’s power.

When pitching, try always to offer the bloggers a special track that is not yet in public. This way, you increase your chances of getting featured. Better yet, if you want to win the attention of bloggers, desire to reach out to those that cover your music genre.

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