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Agro Innova has enabled farmers in Ghana to boost their farm produce and their income in a seamless way.

Agro Innova focuses on digitalizing technology for the farmers. Software tools and technology based policies assist the farmers improve their businesses. The agricultural sector at large benefits from the initiative.Smallholder farmers can be able to address their challenges as well as the players of agriculture value chain. Products offered by Agro Ivanna include:


Consumers can purchase all poultry products in the AkokoMarket platform. Products such as birds, fresh eggs and farm inputs can be easily acquired in the market.

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 Smallholder cocoa farmers are provided with Farmer Business School tools which they can apply in the market. More income is earned by the agripreneurs.FBSInnova consists of the Education Hub and the FBS tools.Fbs tools are the Cropping Calendar and Money in/Money out.

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Education Hub offers technical advice on modern agricultural practices .Tips on how to sustain a business are made known to the farmers.

Agripreneurs are provided with periodic financial breakdown reports. They can be on a daily basis, weekly as well as monthly ones. Entire cropping calendar season is given annually.

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The Cropping calendars given to the farmers enable them to keep track of their daily activities. Farmers are also able to complete their activities on time. Upcoming operations are also indicated in the Calendar.

Money in /Money out module assists in budgeting the farm enterprises. Record keeping and monitoring of production and revenues from Sales is enabled. This module enables the farmers to know whether it’s a profit or a loss.


This is a Poultry Farm Management Software which digitizes the business for the poultry farmers. The App Features are: Bird’s Management, Customers and Sales Management, Financial Management and Purchase and Vendors Management. Poultry farmers are able to record, analyze their data using a smartphone or a laptop. Decisions made concerning the business are from the data driven data.


A continuous biometric identification for poultry farmers is enabled by InnovaSync. The Core build features are:

Biometric Cards-These are used for identity verification for the farmers.

Management of Farmer’s Bio Data ensuring that all information for the farmer is presented.

A Farm Geo-Location which provides directions for the Agripreneurs.

Information on how to plan and formulate their businesses is given.

Strategies used to deliver these products include:

Presenting an all set market for the livestock and also the smallholder Poultry Farmers.The AkokoMarket E-commerce Platform will cater for the marketing for these markets.

Familiarizing AkokoTakra Poultry Farm Software. This will be made known to smallholder Poultry and Livestock Farmers who are located in Ghana.

The FBS Innova App presented to the smallholder Poultry and the livestock farmers.The AkokoMarket E-commerce platform will enable the farmers understand it better.Ghana,Cote D’ivoire,Nigeria ,Mail ,Cameroon and Mozambique will benefit from this app.

Agro Ivanna impact agenda.

Eradicating poverty by empowering the farmers .They ensure  that the farmers have sufficient access to technology. In this way they are in a better position to market their goods using proper methods provided by Agro Innova.

Food Security maintained by the Agro Innova tools. The poultry farmers use these tools to produce food sustainability. They distribute quality eggs to restaurants, retailers and clients at reasonable prices.

Improvement of infrastructure by providing innovation solution to power the agriculture industry. Agro Innova focuses on ensuring that farmers have equal access to industry information in good time.

Agro Innova lowers the unemployment scheme through the digital technologies such as the Akokotakra.Both the men and women working in the agribusinesses benefit from these.

Agro Innova has better plans not only for the smallholder farmers  but also for everyone generally .

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
Weddy profiles new startups and innovators across Africa and announces funding rounds, mergers, acquisitions and startup partnerships across Africa. She is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Reach her and the entire news desk at [email protected]

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