Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Home Startups Vybe makes it fun finding your Mr. /Mrs. Right in Nigeria.

Vybe makes it fun finding your Mr. /Mrs. Right in Nigeria.

by Weddy Thuranira
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There are millions of awesome people in this world that you can easily get in touch with and bond. Most people nowadays are aware of technology which they can access in their smartphones. Vybe wants this to be more fun by enabling real connections. These are people who you can vybe with at ease. In search of a Mr. /Mrs. Right, Vybe got you. There are varieties of options for you to choose from. The best thing with Vybe is that there is absolute confidentiality.https://appvybe.com/

User Guide for Vybe.

A swipe page

When you like someone, swipe right. If you do not like the person, swipe left. The only opportunity you get to chat with someone is if the both of you swipe right on each other’s profile. Depending on the settings, the profiles you see vary. You are encouraged to ensure that your settings reflect your preference. A flattering picture for a profile will increase your chances of finding a right swipe. A notification will be sent to the both of you after a successful match. You can now start to get to know each other through chatting.

There is a feature in Vybe that provides you an opportunity to find new people by shaking your phone. In an occurrence that a user is shaking their phone the same time as you, you both get matched. A small Vybe icon on each icon is provided. In this way, you can simply click and start vybing. The Vybe time is considered the best time to use the Vybe feature. All users are encouraged to use the Vybe feature at this time to increase chances of finding a match.

A notification is sent to you to start chatting and know each other. This is after you have successfully been matched. There are personalized settings in vybe. These settings in the Vybe app allows you to set the gender and age range of the people you would like to get matched with. An option for setting your preferred location of a likely match is provided. Hiding your profile from view is allowed. Through this you can continue knowing more people until you find the one you like.

Vybe advocates for self-love .Dream for the perfect relationships come in mind that most people forget about self-love. We only live once  so choose happiness.  Try to live your best life, do things that make you have fun. It’s always a vibe with vybe.

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