Prospa works on creating your banking and businesses in one platform


Prospa is a business account for the business people in Nigeria. We do not own a physical branch .However if anyone is interested in becoming a member and needs confirmation; Kindly feel free to visit our offices. Our office address is 4b Fatai Idowu, Arobieke Lekki Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria.Account number provided with will be the one of the banks we partner with. Once you need to receive transfers, kindly give us your account number. The name of the bank is also required. Credits can be directly received in our prospa platform. No limitations are put for the amount of credits you can receive in your prospa account.

Signing up for the account only takes five minutes. At an average of twenty minutes your account is approved. This is only applicable when you have filled your application. If more information is needed from you, it might take us 48 hours to complete the process. The account comes in handy with the following:

  • A bank account number that is under your business name.
  • Transfer receival from all banks based in Nigeria
  • Sending of transfers to all Nigerian banks
  • Payment of bills.
  • Transfers not only in Nigeria but also worldwide
  • Customized tools and features that enable to keep your business running effectively.

Benefits of joining Prospa.

Prospa members have access to professionals experts who are excited to help you, they are available to assist you start and scale your business. That is how far we go to ensure that our customers are empowered.

Business security is made available for our clients. We take the responsibility of helping you safeguard your business. The experts not only help you start a business, growth of the business matters too.

Despite the fact that we are helping you start a business, you are the incharge.Tranparency is our focus so that you can as well control your finances.

The Business hub.

Manage your clients, staff and suppliers in our platform. Acquire more information from us on what product sells best. You can also know who your regular customers are. Our platform does this by:

  • Transaction reconciling whereby we follow up on the documentation.
  • Matching transactions to products is enabled.
  • History of the customer transaction provided for you to see.

Come let’s prosper together with Prospa.