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How to Retrieve Old Deleted WhatsApp Messages in 2021

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WhatsApp Messenger, which allows you to send unlimited messages to anyone, is popular among Android users.

 Because of the need for space, you must have deleted some messages from Whatsapp that you did not intend to delete, and you are now unable to recover them?

I’ll show you tricks how to access your deleted chats in this article:

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  • Launch your phone’s file manager.
  • In the file manager, navigate to the WhatsApp folder and select database. This folder contains all backup files for WhatsApp.
  • Shortly press the msgstore.db. crypt12 file and change the name.
  • Change the name to msgstore backup.db. crypt12. This procedure is designed to avoid replacing it with a new file.
  • Rename your most recent backup file msgstore.db. crypt12.
  • Now, navigate to Google Drive and delete the WhatsApp backup.
  • The next step is to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
  • It will ask you to take a backup from local storage during the reinstallation process.
  • Select ‘restore’ after selecting msgstore.db. crypt12.
  • You’re ready to go as soon as you click the restore button.

 You will now be able to access your previously deleted message.

You can also recover your WhatsApp conversation in another way. This method could be useful for both Android and iPhone users.

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  • After uninstalling WhatsApp, reinstall it on your smartphone.
  • When you reinstall it, it will ask you for permission to recover a backup from iCloud or Google Drive.
  • You can check your deleted message after restoring the backup.

You will have a better experience on the app if you follow the steps outlined above for how to recover old WhatsApp chats in 2021.

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