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Best Mobile Apps To Boost Your Productivity

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There are so many apps out there these days, including productivity apps, that it’s a sin not to use them. Their goal is to reduce the waste of our precious time and energy, and turn energy-intensive actions into something simple that can be done in two clicks. Here you will find only some of these apps. Remember, that the choice is huge and you select those that make their job the best according to your opinion and needs.

1. Trello inherited the principles of the Japanese kanban system. This is a service that allows you to collect all the tasks, ideas and discussions on special boards. These boards show the status of your tasks – you can upload files, assign performers, hold discussions, set deadlines, add comments, etc. Both small and large projects with a large number of lists and cards can be placed on one board. Thanks to a wide range of tools, you can cover the project in detail. Each individual card can be both a simple task and a complex project, which contains comments, hyperlinks, voting and working papers.

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2. Slack is a corporate messenger for correspondence with colleagues or clients. It is convenient to use for fast information exchange. You are able to create separate chats for each task and add only those people who are supposed to be the part of the discussion. Search works well – you can search for both individual messages and chats. The service supports integration with third-party services such as Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

3. Evernote. It is an application for creating, editing and organizing notes. It can be perfectly used for both independent and team work. It is convenient to discuss notes with colleagues here, to conduct joint projects. Many people need to memorize large amounts of information, and this is a great tool for this task. Now you just don’t have to keep everything in your head. The application may replace a paper notebook for storing creative ideas. In addition, video, audio, and images can only be stored electronically.

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4. Bouncer. Writing the right email material for your email marketing campaign requires a lot of time and effort, nobody wants it to become a waste at some point. If the message did not hit the recipients’ mailboxes, it would be a horrible waste of your talent. Allow your campaign to produce the best results possible by using Bouncer to review your mailing list. This best email verification service will help you improve delivery, productivity, engagement and return on investment. 

5. Keynote is an application for creating presentations for Mac, iOS and iCloud. It has many tools for working with fonts, images, videos and animations. At the same time, the interface of the application is quite simple: there is no redundant functionality, tabs and accumulation of unnecessary elements. If you suddenly forget to save the created presentation – no problem, Keynote automatically saves and remembers all the changes. Therefore, even if the program “takes off”, the work done will not be lost.

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6. Echo. It is a great voice messaging app for teams. Each Echo-using organization or team has its own workspace. Workspaces are only accessible by invitation, and anyone in the workspace can see and communicate with one another directly or through channels. You can sign into several workspaces at the same time. It also has an automated transcription which makes it unique from other common voice messengers.

Final words:

These six are some of the best productivity apps you can install on your device. But there is something even more essential for productivity than apps, and that is Time and attendance. Effectively managing your time will have a more significant effect on your day-to-day operations than you think. So whether you create a strict schedule for yourself or just a loose guideline, the important thing is to stick to it, no matter what.

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