Selina Wamucii sources all Africa’s produce in one platform.


Selina Wamucii is a mobile platform that aims at enabling buyers and exporters to source agricultural products directly from the small holder farmers without an internet access. The startup provides the Africa’s small holder farmers, pastoralists and fishing communities a platform to market their produce  

Two women farmers named Selina Nyanchoka and Esther Wamucii Gaita began the Selina Wamucii’s story .Born and raised by smallholder farmers, John Oroko and Gaita Wamucii founded Selina Wamucii in 2015.  Technology used by Selina Wamucii enhances the management of the produce grown by smallholder farmers across Africa. The startup is best known as the Kenya’s largest avocado exporter. Farmers can join the Selina Wamucii platform on the Selina Web based platform named as Growersoft. Another option of joining Selina Wamucii is through the Mobile phone via USSD.

The Selina Wamucii Farmers program provides information about farms during the production growth period. The M Pesa mobile banking system is where financial transactions are carried out between the company and farmers. Through this platform, numerous market opportunities have been created for thousands of the small holder farmers. Retailers, wholesalers, vendors, etc are among the people introduced to these farmers.

The Africa’s farmer groups and cooperatives have been provided with a market access. Selina Wamucii established a quota-based International Coffee Agreement that sets export quotas and steers the price. This makes it possible for farmers to maximize on their income. The idea came up when it was noted that farmers do not receive a fair share of the billions made annually in the coffee industry.

In 2021,Launching of an Al –powered early earning tool has taken place .This tool assists farmers eradicate locusts that cause destruction of crops .The tool’s name Kuzi, translates to wattled starling bird in Swahili. Its purpose is to eat locusts relying on satellite data, sensors which monitor soil moisture and local weather data to deliver predictions on locust breeding locations and migration routes.

Smallholder farmers can use the Selina Wamucii platform to improve their means of livelihood.