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Ideas for Making Money Online

Making extra income on the Internet can be an alternative for those who want to increase their budget without leaving home, especially during the quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is possible through legal and reliable platforms.

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With the help of author Evelyn Balyton, we prepared here a small list of things you can do to make money online.

Sell photos

If you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can earn extra money by selling your clicks online. The advantage of this method is that, in addition to making money, you create a portfolio and disseminate your work over the Internet, helping to consolidate your career.

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One of the most well-known portals for this is Shutterstock. In addition to photographs, the image bank also accepts illustrations and videos, opening the range for more people to contribute. After registering, you send your creations to the platform – at least ten – and await analysis. Every time someone buys your image, you will receive 20% to 30% of the total amount.

Dreamstime works in a similar way, although it does not require a minimum number of images. The portal, which also receives videos and audios, pays 20% to 50% per file sold. During the coronavirus pandemic, the platform is paying 10% more to its employees. In addition, exclusive photos earn an extra 10% commission in case of purchase.

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Test sites and apps

You can also earn money by testing websites and apps. The logic is similar to that of online surveys: the user will be paid to help improve a product. In general, the tester must perform actions determined by the platform, such as opening the app’s settings menu or finding the contact us page of a website, for example. The time taken to complete the task helps developers to understand whether the usability is good or not.

Userfeel is one that works this way. In it, whoever is taking the test should record the screen of the website or application and go on saying what they think of the user experience. Each test is worth US $ 10, paid via PayPal.

Enroll works with questions. First, you create a register providing information such as online habits, educational level, and annual earnings. Then, you answer the questions asked by companies, who can “like” your answers. Likes and positive feedback give badges to the user, who, upon reaching a certain number of badges, receives money.

Userlytics also poses questions to its testers, who can receive anywhere from $ 5 to $ 90, depending on the project. The amounts are deposited via PayPal.

Can you make money betting on football?

The answer to that question is Yes, it is possible to make money by betting on football. Sports betting is accessible to anyone, and bookmakers accept your investment as long as you are at least 18 years old, so everyone can bet on football and make money from it.

And you can find bookmakers that accept skrill, PayPal, and other e-wallets to make money transactions easier.

However, another question is necessary when we talk about this subject: is making money betting on football easy? The answer to that question is No, there is no such thing as easy money in sports betting.

If you search for it on the internet you will find several websites that promise easy money. Never believe this conversation, betting is an activity that requires study, dedication, and discipline if you intend to make money from betting.

To be successful in online betting, some steps are necessary. Like:

  1. Choose a reliable bookmaker
  2. Have patience
  3. Study

Choosing a bookmaker

It may seem simple, but it is a decision that will affect your entire sports betting journey, so it needs to be made with caution. There are hundreds of bookmakers wanting you as a customer, so use this power to your advantage and only hire good quality services.

Bookmakers function as banks, you trust them with your money, and you expect to have a number of advantages when hiring the service. It is extremely important that you choose a bookmaker that is reliable, that is, an honest bookmaker that will take good care of your money.

The good thing is that there are many of them nowadays.

Don’t rush things

Having patience is very important in online betting because you need to think about what are the best options for you to bet. You can rush into betting in every single match out there, or every single competition.

You will need to see all the options you have available and choose the best ones. You can bet on pre or live matches and, depending on which one you choose, there will be different things that can make a bet good for you.

Understand your bet

The amount of effort you put into your studies is another important thing for those who want to make money on betting sites. You can’t only choose a bet and pray for it to happen. You need to know about the thing you are betting on.

Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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