Top Reasons Why You Should Work With a Seasoned Family Solicitor 


When you or a family member got entangled in a legal dispute, it’s expected that both parties might get hurt in the process. While others engage in a war of words, some can get physical. More often than not, the least that these parties can do is to let a third party, unattached and level-headed individuals act as their legal representatives. To lessen this inter-family rift’s possible damage, each party should hire seasoned family solicitors to defend them in court. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a divorce case, custody case, or one that involves property and estate partition; you need a reliable lawyer to vindicate your rights in court. Family solicitors are the types of lawyers that specialize in all cases involving Family Law. So, you can expect that they’re experts in this field. This is the same expertise that should move you to trust them. However, if you’re not sold out to the idea of hiring one, here are some points to sway you in the right direction. 

Knowledge and Experience 

Law books, cases, and teachings of law professors may give you the correct legal knowledge, but these will remain theories if not coupled with real-life courtroom experience. The leverage of seasoned lawyers is that they have enough expertise presenting and fighting the case in court that they know precisely how a civil or criminal case progresses. They know the technicalities that could make or break the case. These technicalities may be provided under the rules of civil or criminal procedure, but its exceptions, exceptions to the exceptions and case precedence are learned easier when experienced first-hand.  CGG Law Firm will help you with these technicalities as your litigator.

Courtroom demeanor, interpellation skills, and case presentation are essential things you learn better when you have relevant years of experience litigating cases. Over the years, lawyers find it quicker to raise reasonable objections, find loopholes, and think on their feet. These are skills you cannot always fully expect from your newly practicing lawyers. 

More particular with technicalities

The law has two aspects — procedural and substantial. In family law, the statutes and legal provisions you find in the rules comprise the substantial element. These are the provisions you assert when you defend your case in affidavits and court. On the other hand, the procedural aspect refers to rules the court adheres to when ruling the observance of legal procedures. 

For instance, the court gives 15 calendar days for the respondent to answer the petitioner’s complaint. Should the former fail to submit his answer within the period granted by law, the court can bar him from sending a reply and proceed in deciding the case ex-parte. If the case will be dismissed on this matter, it means that the erring party failed to comply with the law’s procedural aspect. 

Seasoned lawyers and family solicitors are very particular with both the technicalities and merits because they know that before the court can rule on the latter, the parties must first observe the former. 

The points raised above vividly explain why if you were to choose between new and seasoned divorce solicitors, go for the latter. Done properly, you will never go wrong.