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10 advantages of the electric bicycle

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The use of alternative transport, such as the electric bicycle, has been increasing in all cities. Whether for personal or rental use, these are the main advantages why everyone is starting to use the electric bike. Curious? Just keep reading until the end.

1. They are relatively inexpensive

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Even taking into account that there is a great variety of prices for electric bicycles on the market, which depend on the basic characteristics such as the quality of its components, the power of the engine or its autonomy, the truth is that the average prices are quite affordable: you can get between $500 and $ 2000. A premium-quality moped-style electric bike like the Himiway Escape sells for less than $ 2000, affordable for most people. For less than 2000 dollars, you can own a nice electric bicycle with a two-year warranty. When compared with the specifications; 6061 aluminum frame, 750W geared hub motor, Samsung battery, 45 miles per charge, and 7 speed, of course, these prices are very affordable.

2. Suitable for any age and physical condition

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One of the great advantages of electric bikes is that they allow you to regulate your effort. If one day you feel motivated and want to use your electric bike to do a more demanding physical exercise, you will only have to deactivate the motor! On the other hand, if at any moment you find yourself exhausted, or simply if you are in a little more hurry, activate the engine and it will be as if you were flying. You will arrive at your destination sooner than you can imagine, and without effort. Thus this mode of transportation makes it easier for you to reach two different destinations; shorter body fitness and driving time. The flexibility carried by electric bikes is unmatched.

3. You save a lot of money on transportation

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The electric bicycle is, without a doubt, the cheapest means of transport with a motor that exists. The car, per kilometer, is seven times more expensive and public transport, three. Assuming that you use the electric bicycle about 20 kilometers a day, 6 days a week, you would only have to charge it 1 time a week. Based on a simple estimate, if you use the electric bicycle almost daily with a relatively intensive use of it, it would cost you just over 1 dollar per month. It is clear that the costs you have to spend to pay for your trip on a motorbike are far more than you have to prepare to pay for the operation of your electric bicycle.

4. It is the fastest means of transport in the city

There are many tests that have shown that the electric bicycle is the fastest means of transport in the city. That is, it makes you get to the destination faster, since you avoid traffic and unnecessary stops.

5. Does not require expensive maintenance

It should be taken into account that the specific materials of electric bicycles do not require maintenance, and that a single annual inspection is more than enough to keep them in perfect condition. In addition, the battery will only have to be changed every 6 or 7 years, if you make intensive use of your bicycle. It can also be said that the revision of an electric bicycle is infinitely cheaper than that of a car or a motorcycle.

6. It is extremely safe

Despite the fact that in recent months cyclist abuses have generated alarmism, the risk of suffering a fatal bicycle accident in the city is almost nil. Furthermore, by using the recommended basic safety measures, such as respecting the safety distance or always wearing a helmet and lights, the risk of accident decreases considerably. As long as you drive according to instructions and are disciplined, it is unlikely that there will be a fatal accident.

7. You will not need to search for parking

One of the most appreciated advantages that an electric bicycle offers us is that you no longer need to worry about parking. Any tree, traffic sign or fence is ideal for parking your electric bike. In addition, this will allow you to park in the vicinity of your workplace or, it is even possible that they allow you to enter with it inside the enclosure to leave it parked.

8. Cities are increasingly adapted

Little by little, in the cities exclusive lanes for bicycles are being built that run through the most important parts of the city. In addition, drivers are increasingly aware of the use of bicycles on the road, taking extreme caution. Also, especially in large cities, there are stalls where, paying a small annual fee, you can make unlimited use of rental bicycles and electric bicycles.

9. You contribute to the conservation of the environment

The electric bicycle such as moped-style electric bike hardly emits carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the gases that has the greatest negative impact on the dreaded greenhouse effect. Therefore, if you start using the electric bicycle as a regular transport to move around the city, you will not only contribute to improving your physical condition, but you will also be helping to reduce the CO2 emitted to the planet and, therefore, contributing to the conservation of the environment.

10. You will feel better and more cheerful

Riding an electric bike to go to work or for a walk will force you to be outdoors and, even if it does not seem like it, to play sports. These two factors not only positively affect your health but will also make you a happier and more cheerful person.

Electric bicycles are a way of life now and in the future as the awareness of many people in developed countries has increased the importance of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Combined with their potential to save on transportation costs, it is likely that this trend will last a very long time. We hope this information is helpful. Thanks for reading!

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