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A Process Approach to Writing Research Papers

A research paper is a form of academic writing that requires in-depth research and your evaluation or interpretation of the topic or argument. Many students believe that writing research papers is meticulous and challenging. Believe it or not, with adequate practice, it becomes easy because you get used to the writing process.  Although it may seem complicated due to the extensive research needed, it only requires you to equip yourself with some essential writing tips. However, if you feel like you don’t have enough time to do this step then you can think about using a professional research paper writing service. Here are some tips on how to write an effective research paper. 

  • Be an avid scholar and reader

Search the Internet and visit the library often, even when you do not have an assignment. When the tutor assigns a paper, conduct more research on the Internet, library, and classroom resources such as rubric, lecture notes, and discussion boards to help you understand the topic better. 

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  • Understand the assignment the assignment

The following questions will help you comprehend the assignment requirements:

  • Is the topic assigned or needs to be selected? 
  • What is the length or word count? 
  • What type of paper is it? 
  • Are all instructions or terminologies clear?
  • Is it a group or individual assignment?  If it is personal, can you consult your colleagues? 
  • Does it have any special requirements? 
  • What is the required formatting method?
  • How can I break down the topic into subsections?

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  • Topic selection

In some instances, the teacher assigns a topic. If it is not clear, you need to seek clarification. However, if you are free to choose a topic;

  • Select one that you are knowledgeable about, interests you, and is easy to research.
  • It would also be wise to select a topic on a current issue- this way; you will contribute to its resolution. 
  • Brainstorm on the topics while noting them down.
  • Select your topic from the list
  • Based on the topic, write a short description of what your assignment is about.

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  • Plan, investigate, and outline.
  1. Note the topic’s background information, possible sources, the information you already   have, and your audience’s characteristics.
  2. Research thoroughly on the topic while writing the main points- this guideline will keep you focused on the topic as you write your paper. 

  • Assemble research materials
  1. Organize your references
  2. Prepare notes against them while paraphrasing, using quotes, and adding unique ideas.

  • Prepare the final outline
  1. Restructure the first outline
  2. Re-write the notes to suit the current outline
  3. Identify sections that need extra sources
  4. It is also essential to differentiate between data gathered from sources and personal ideas and words.

  • Write
  1. Use the final outline as a guideline
  2. Write fast while capturing all ideas
  3. You do not need to complete the paper once you can write in short and regular sessions.

  • Revise and proofread
  1. Restructure introduction and conclusion to capture points that may have come up during   the writing
  2. Countercheck the in-text citations and references
  3. Countercheck grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  4. Readout loud to ensure the workflows
  5. You can share with a friend to review
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James Musoba
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