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6 Benefits of Software Cloud-Based Testing

Quality assurance checking and testing are vital in software development. One method that businesses widely use is cloud testing, famous for its cost-effectiveness. But what is it exactly all about, and what benefits can you gain by availing cloud testing services?

Cloud testing is the procedure of examining software by using a cloud-based tool. It consists of three components: application for functionality, network for data transfer, and infrastructure for damage recovery.

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Nowadays, the demand has been increasing for cloud-based software and cloud testing services. Many businesses have ventured into cloud testing because of the advantages that it offers. Below is a list of six benefits that you can get by switching to cloud testing.

1. Reduce Software Testing Costs

One of the main reasons businesses and developers consider utilizing cloud testing is its cost-effectiveness. But how does the price differ from other types of software testing?

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With cloud testing, you can save expenses on software maintenance. That is because the testing team or provider will maintain your programs in excellent condition. It reduces downtime and increases the productivity of your software.

There is also no need to pay for physical servers since cloud testing is a virtual-based process. You can test it in a cloud-based environment and do everything online, saving you money from server expenses.

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2. Customizable For Your Specific Needs

Technology is constantly evolving, and people have to adapt to change. Another advantage of cloud testing is that you can customize and fit it according to your software needs. 

But why would you need this feature? It can be hard to test software for a specific device since the technology continues evolving. There are lots of new devices in the market that differ in size, type, and brand.

This problem may affect the user experience. This can potentially drive away people to use other software instead. That’s why you need to test your software to attract users, and cloud testing can be a solution to the issue.

3. Access Information Every Time, Everywhere!

Testing software can be challenging without the proper resources and equipment. Thankfully, cloud testing solves that problem because it allows you to check the software on various devices at any time.

There would not be a problem whether you are at home or the office.  You can also speed up the testing process while ensuring that the software runs smoothly and without noticeable errors.

4. Backup And Recover Files

In testing, it is a process of trial and error. It is inevitable to fail in some aspects and find many bugs along the way. However, it can also result in losing your files and resources, which is a problem.

Thankfully, cloud testing solves this issue, as you can back up your files by doing this method of checking your software. Not only that, but you can also recover your resources as well in the event of losing data during testing.

5. Receive Accurate Test Results

In an automated type of testing, there is a possibility that the results would not be as accurate. Remember that a Quality Assurance and testing check is vital to avoid any errors from happening. Thus, you would want the test results to be as accurate as possible. 

Thankfully, you would not need to worry about that if you use this kind of testing technique. Cloud testing allows you to create actual traffic conditions that would result in having more reliable results.

6. Lots of Cloud-Based Platforms and Services

Another advantage of cloud testing is that there are lots of available platforms that you can use. It is perfect for any business, agency, startup, or even when you start a small team with your friends.

Cloud-based testing services only require you to pay a subscription fee, typically every month or year. Not to mention, some platforms offer a free trial version, and you can always opt-out when you change your mind. A great way to save money, right?

Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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