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Tips To Use The Printing Space On Packaging Boxes Effectively

The packaging boxes have become the ultimate necessity for every retail brand out there. There are multiple packaging solutions, ranging from sleeve boxes to pillow boxes and more, but all of them need proper printing to capture and retain the customer’s attention. However, the beginners hardly know how to utilize the printing spaces on the custom packaging boxes by WeCustomBoxes. With this article, we are sharing some tips on the optimal utilization of printing spaces in the packaging boxes. So, let’s get to the details!

Don’t Forget The Topside 

When your customers receive your products, the topside of the box is the first thing that they will check out, and you cannot change this reality. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the topside of the packaging boxes is the ice breaker, and it’s safe to call it the welcoming part of the packaging boxes. If you are a seller or a retailer, you must understand the value of the topside of the box from the selling point of view. 

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For the most part, packaging can boost and improve sales (it needs correct utilization). For this reason, the retailers could try adding the business logo on the topside, which can be easily achieved in the online editors. Through these online editors, users can choose the desired box and tap on the box’s topside, and see how the logo will look. 

In the majority of cases, these editors work great. If you want to take our advice, we would suggest the central placement of the logo on the box because it looks appealing. However, one can always get more creative to add interest factors to the packaging. We suggest experimenting with online editors, so you can check what works for you and what doesn’t!

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Ditch The Corners 

Some brands and retailers make the mistake of moving the essential graphics, information, and logo to the corners of packaging, but it’s a mistake, as we have already mentioned. This is mainly because it can eliminate the chances of customers noticing the logo (customers checking out the logo is important for brand recognition). 

Secondly, some brands try to add a cooler and more interesting graphic on the center and shift the logo to the edges, but it will lose the importance and cruciality of the design. On top of everything, adding such elements to the edge and corners is risky. This is because the printing machines might move the cardboard sheet up to five mm from each side which means it can cut out the graphics, so it’s a no!

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Creating The Chain With Logo 

In case you have already planned the captivating and alluring graphics for sprucing up the packaging boxes, you don’t need to worry. This is because you can still add the logo without taking away the attention and interest factor. To illustrate, you would place the logo on the horizontal walls and create the branded chain. For the most part, it’s a convenient way of using the space which was too hard to govern previously. 

Why Not Social Media?

In the age of social media and technology, every brand should try to create a visible social media presence. It might sound far-fetched, but packaging has the capacity to improve the sales funnel and boost brand visibility. That being said, while designing the boxes, why don’t you add the usernames or profile names of your social media handles?

Always Add Texts 

Engaging the customers with your packaging is important, and it can be harnessed impeccably by using witty texts. We suggest creating a witty and engaging tagline for your packaging and add it to the packaging box where customers see it first. For instance, if you are selling cosmetic products, just add “hey beautiful!” on the packaging, and your work is done!

Creating & Embracing The Experience 

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