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How Dirty Are Your Gaming Consoles?

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Do you ever wonder about the amount of dirt gathered in your favorite gaming consoles? Well, the swab analysis on some of the popular consoles done below shows how dirty are your controllers and the dirtiest one among the 4 consoles is shown. Besides, you can see how much bacteria is on the average console.

The gaming industry has boomed in recent times, and hence there is a rivalry among players to figure out the best gaming console.

To know how much bacteria is on the average console or distinct parts of the devices you use, the Betway Insider has analyzed 12 sets of computers and consoles that are randomly chosen. Besides, the findings also show the bacteria on the toilet seat and kitchen table. To know how dirty your controllers are due to bacteria, yeast, and mold, read below. 

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  1. PlayStation

The fans of PlayStation would be disappointed to know how unclean these most popular consoles are and the PCs show more bacteria. On the whole, the analysis done based on the sample PlayStations shows 72.5 units of bacteria per swab which is 2.4 times greater than the dirt one would find on the toilet seat. 

The joysticks and the buttons of the console have more bacteria as there are 190 units of colony-forming bacteria. The bacteria is more than what you find on the surface of your kitchen as some sample consoles showed bacteria units at 650. 

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  1. Xbox

Xbox is a relatively cleaner platform for games as there is a median of 62.5 units of colony-forming bacteria per swab which is two times more than the dirt found on a toilet seat. Although the figure is the lowest when compared to other gaming platforms, the handles of the controller showed at 82.5 which are the highest. Besides, Xbox had samples of dirt on the keyboard buttons which was 5,614 units.

  1. PC

When it comes to bacteria accumulation on a PC, you will be quite shocked to know the test results. The controllers show a high presence of colony-forming units. The median figure is 165 per swab but is mostly the mouse that has a high amount of dust or bacterial particles. A mouse swab shows a median of 247.5 units which is 27.5 lesser when compared to the kitchen surfaces.

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2. Switch

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, it is the cleanest of all gaming platforms as the median is only 55 units per swab. It may be still high when you compare it with a toilet seat, but it still shows the lowest figures. The Joys Cons when tested showed the same figure and the buttons were at 62.5.

3. Controllers

When you go through the analysis, there is no denying that the consoles catch dust and dirt easily. But, when you are engrossed in a game session, you won’t think of washing your hands before touching the controller. There are endless ways through which germs form and spread everywhere. 

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Xbox vs. PlayStation – The Never-Ending Rivalry

Xbox and PlayStation have been the greatest rivals for years and now with the launch of Xbox X/S Series and PlayStation 5, the rivalry doesn’t seem to end. Well, there is no thrill without competition as that’s what keeps one going and motivates them to do better. 

Tips to Clean Your Console

  • Unplug your console before you start cleaning it to avoid any kind of accident or damage to the components. 
  • Once you unplug, use a cleaning solution that is free from harmful chemicals. Pour a small amount of solution on a cloth and wipe it around the keyboards, mouse, and controllers depending on the type of device you are using.
  • A dry cloth will be ideal for cleaning the console like a microfiber cloth as it removes fingerprint marks and dust efficiently. Avoid using any cleaning solution on the main device as the moisture may cause damage. 
  • Ensure that you don’t miss out on any surface and underneath areas of the console a lot of dust gets accumulated in such areas. Use only a small amount of solution on the controllers to avoid any kind of damage. 
  • There are deep cleaning gels or sprays available to clean the keyboards. These sprays target the hard-to-reach areas between the keys for a thorough cleaning. 

You will be amazed to see how each area of your console accumulates bacteria and hence regular cleaning of controllers is important to ensure your home is free from such harmful bacteria.

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