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The Huawei Mate 40 Pro Can still use Google services even after doing a software update

Recently one user shared the photos of the OS and Playstore on his mate 40 pros. The update is a significant blow to those who had bid farewell to Google apps.

In recent days, Huawei has released the HarmonyOS beta. They do so to give their users a peek of what they will be expecting in their Smartphones. As always, the majority of those who participated in the program do return positive feedback. For example, some prefer working with Harmony Os rather than Android, while others praise how the Operating system works smoothly without flaws.

However, at the ground level situation is always different. Not many users who own Huawei mobiles are ready to abandon Google services for Huawei updates whenever they receive the notification. So the question arises. What happens to these services and applications once they change to accept the notification update?

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Google services are still accessible even with HarmonyOS installed. This update, surprisingly enough, may sound not that effective in the end. But at least they’ve gone from one operating system to another. One of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro owners shared some details. He shares several screenshots where he opens Google apps, including the Play Store and his account page.

It does not explain this state of affairs, and Huawei has not warned anyone that it would be possible to use Google services with the HarmonyOS beta. It is unknown if this will last or whether the Huawei P50, which will be the first smartphone under HarmonyOS, will also enjoy it when released. Furthermore, it also remains to be confirmed whether this applies to all Huawei devices or simply the Huawei Mate 40 Pro. If you’re still hesitant to update, it may be time to find out.

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