AfriLabs Onboards 28 New Members, Enters 7 New Cities and 1 New Country


AfriLabs has onboarded 28 new hubs and entered 7 new cities and 1 new country bringing the membership to 268 innovation hubs in 49 African countries. Comoros is the new country. 

“We are always excited when we admit new members into our network. A journey that started 10 years ago, we still remain true to our core values of building and supporting a community that powers innovation in Africa.” Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director of AfriLabs said about the latest admission of members into the network.

“The future is full of opportunities for the African Tech Ecosystem because of communities like ours, and our arms are always open to innovation hubs that want to be a part of us!”

The new hubs from Western Africa are Ilorin Innovation Hub, Unimak Workflow Innovation Hub, Duapa Werkspace, 8thGear Hub, Cirkle Labs, Equilibrium Zone, Fobespace Hub, The Hub, GoGlobal Hub, Dare to Innovate, Vision Incubation Hub, Noni Hub, Impact Cove and The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law Innovation Hubs.

We have Institute of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (SIMAD University), Muni University Business Incubation Centre (Muni University), SNDBX International, WITU Hub, DICOS Incubator LLP, Com’Work, Nakuru Box Innovation Center and The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law Innovation Hubs from Eastern Africa.

And from Central Africa, WETECH, Youth Business Cameroon (YBC), Startup Factory Djibouti, Kum’lab, Akewa Accelerateur became a part of the AfriLabs family.

Hubs from Southern Africa welcomed include Innovation Co-Lab Durban, The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law Innovation Hubs  while 249 Startups and The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law Innovation Hubs from Northern Africa are part of AfriLab’s newest members.

“The impact of collaboration in the African technology and innovation ecosystem can never be overemphasized. It is pleasing for us as a network to foster more connectivity for hubs across Africa and also ensure the growth and sustainability of our ecosystem through our constant expansion. We are glad to welcome another addition to the AfriLabs network, as we look forward to achieving an innovative Africa together.” said Kenechukwu .C. Chukwu, Member Services Manager at AfriLabs in her comment about the new members.

Last year, AfriLabs gave over 250,000 euros to 17 of its members to execute support programmes for entrepreneurs and innovators in their communities, under its Capacity Building Programme funded by Agence Française de Développement through the Digital Africa Seed Fund.

With the number of innovation hubs springing up on the continent, it is crucial that they have a community of like-minded, AfriLabs made a commitment 10 years ago to promote and support innovation across the continent and this involves building a community that provides solutions to solve real-life issues for Africans and solving those problems affects the rest of the world at large, and this is still its goal.