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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: Too Pretty But Samsung Should Look At This

by Joseph Richard
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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung has already launched three exciting phones, the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra. With the Galaxy S21 FE, however, another model is just around the corner. We should expect some great things from this Galaxy S21 FE model to compete favorably with other brands’ flagship phones.

Samsung should look at this.

Admittedly, the Galaxy S20 FE has proven to be a pretty good smartphone. But there are still some little things here and there that we would improve on this year’s generation. Samsung really should do that because the A-Class in the form of the Galaxy A52 (5G) is now so strong that you shouldn’t rest on last year’s model.

Material choice: The Galaxy S21 has already taken a step backward compared to the S20. The back is made of plastic, but the frame is still made of metal. Samsung should take the same step as the Galaxy S21 FE. It is, after all, an S-Class mobile phone and not an A-Class phone. A metal frame would fit the smartphone much better so that it shows its affiliation with the S-Class.

Display: Even if the Galaxy S20 FE already has a 120 Hz panel, you can see the differences in quality to the Galaxy S21 (and also to the S20). It’s not so clear and bright. Samsung should follow in on the new generation because here, too, the current A-Class has put an on it. You could also take over the display of the S21, which we would be delighted with.

Avoid processor chaos: Samsung hasn’t proven itself to be a service with the Galaxy S20 FE and the choice of processors. The 4G model had a problematic Exynos chip, while the 5G model used the better Snapdragon chip at the time. Samsung has even seen this in the meantime and is launching the S20 FE in the 4G version and a Snapdragon processor. This confusing strategy should be avoided by Samsung this year. Luckily, the Galaxy S21’s Exynos chip is convincing, so hopefully, you can’t wreak havoc.

Don’t “forget” the power supply: Samsung shouldn’t make the mistake of leaving the power supply out of this model, as is the case with Galaxy S21 phones. Here you can orientate yourself on the A-Class, where the power supply is still supplied.

Keep Memory Expansion: The same applies to the ability to expand memory. This option should remain with the “Fan Edition.” The missing microSD slot on the standard S21 is already a significant disadvantage.

Samsung has already done a lot right with the Galaxy S20 FE

Otherwise, it was already. The design, camera, and battery life have already impressed the Galaxy S20 FE. If Samsung removes the few criticisms of the new generation, the Galaxy S21 FE would be an accurate insider tip. The phone must not become too expensive, especially concerning the Galaxy A52 (5G).

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