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Three Semi-Truck Equipment Failures that Can Cause a Serious Accident

by Intizar Ali
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Being in a semi-truck accident may make you feel disoriented while trying to cope with the pain of your injuries. This makes it unlikely for you to know how the crash occurred and who caused it. There are many reasons a semi-truck accident can happen. Often, it is attributed to the driver’s violation of traffic signs or the speed at which they drive the vehicle. But, sometimes, truck system failures may also be to blame. 

If you have been a victim of a semi-truck accident and sustained injuries, you may want to seek compensation for them. However, while road accidents that involve smaller vehicles are already complicated, semi-truck accidents come with a higher level of complexity. This is because of the many possible parties that may be held liable for your injuries. This is the reason you should hire a truck accident attorney in Las Vegas. Your lawyer will investigate the underlying cause of the accident and determine liability. 

In some instances, truck accidents can happen because of system failures. These include the following:

Tire Blowout

A tire blowout in a semi-truck leaves the driver losing control of the vehicle, resulting in a crash and life-threatening injuries. Also, the blow-out tire can produce debris that can cause a collision or serious injuries, especially if the truck is moving at a high speed. This system failure can be the truck driver’s fault if proven they negligently failed to maintain the truck tires. Liability also falls on the employer of the truck driver. In addition, the tire manufacturer may also be held liable if the blowout resulted from defective tires

Brake Failure

Commercial trucks have massive size and brakes are a vital safety feature of these vehicles. If an accident happens because of brake failure, this may be due to a defective product, poor maintenance, or both. Several parties may be responsible for brake failure including the brake manufacturer, truck driver, and trucking company. Thus, if you file an injury claim or lawsuit, you will go up against industry giants. An experienced truck accident attorney will investigate your accident and prove negligent maintenance or product manufacture. 

Electrical System Failure

If the electrical system of a semi-truck fails, it can make the driver unable to control the truck, causing an accident. In this type of accident, you may be in a smaller passenger vehicle nearby. The difference in size means this collision is more likely to be serious than minor. Because of this, you need a lawyer to help you get everything sorted out. 

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