Twitter Donates $ 15 m To Help Combat Covid-19 In India


Twitter has donated $ 15 M to help combat the Covid 19 situation in India which has become a global concern. As at the moment, total corona virus infections are at 23 million, while total fatalities stand at 249,992.

Jack Patrick Dorsey in a twitter statement said that the amount has been donated to three non-governmental organizations, Care, Aid india and Sewa International USA.

Care has received a sum of$ 10 million while Aid India and sewa international have both received $ 2.5 m.

According to Sewa international,this grant will support the procurement of life saving equipment such as oxygen concentrators, ventilators ,BIPAP or Bilevel positive Airway Pressure and CPAP or Continuers Postive Airway Pressure machines as part of Sewa International Help to India defeat Covid-19  campaign .The equipment will be distributed to government hospitals and Covid 19 care centers and hospitals.

Sewa Internationals vice president for Marketing and fund development Sandeep Khadkekar thanked Dorsey for his generous donation. He said that they are a volunteer -driven Non-profit organization and that they believe in serving all, following the sacred Hindu benediction,sarve Bhavantu sukhinah

He added their administrative costs are five percent, meaning that every dollar a donor offers, they spend 95 cents of it on the work that its earmarked for. He said that in the past two weeks the health care system has been overwhelmed and that they want to do as much as they can to come to the aid of people who are deeply affected. And that Twitters generosity will go a long way in helping do the work they want to do and need to do.

Care a humanitarian organization fighting poverty received $10 m with the aim to support Cares urgent action to help address the deadly second wave of COVID 19 infections devastating India.

According to the organization, the funds will be used to supplement government efforts by setting up temporary Covid 19 Care Centers, providing oxygen PPE kits, and other critically needed emergence supplies for frontline health workers and addressing vaccine hesitancy and helping ensure that people get vaccinated, particularly in remote marginalized communities in India.

On the other hand, Association for India Development or AID, a volunteer movement promoting sustainable, equitable and just development, the grant will help under resourced communities identify Covid symptoms, prevent spread, access care and treatment, benefit from medical equipment including, Oxygen oximeters, thermometers, protective gear and vaccination, survive lockdowns, regain lively hoods and will strengthen hospitals and NGOs that serve rural and low income communities, twitter said. The surge of the covid-19 cases in India are caused by a new double mutant that is more deadly and spreads faster. In a state called Maharashtra for instance, on the last day of 2020, the state had only 1,754 cases. On 10 March the cases rose to 13,659 and by 6 April it reported 102,754 cases ,nearly 750 percent increase in less than a month.