Don’t like WhatsApp’s new privacy policies? Here’s how to get rid of your account.


It was previously assumed that if you did not accept the new terms, WhatsApp would delete your account after a set period, we now know that the company has no plans to delete user accounts. However, until the terms are accepted, it will begin to reduce the features available to them.

WhatsApp has canceled its May 15 deadline for users to accept its contentious privacy policy update and has stated that failure to accept the terms will not result in account deletion.

If you are tired of yet another social platform collecting data about you and sharing it with Facebook, here is what you need to do to permanently delete your WhatsApp account:

Step 1: Make a backup of all important chats and data by exporting chats and then saving messages and media.

Step 2: Instead of copying and pasting your message into multiple chats, you can manually notify your friends by using a Broadcast List.

Step 3: Tap the Delete My Account button to permanently delete your WhatsApp account and groups.

When you click the Delete My Account button, your WhatsApp account and all of your WhatsApp groups will be permanently deleted. You will also lose any message history on the app, as well as any chats that have been backed up to Google Drive or iCloud, depending on which messaging service you use. Once deleted, you can only create a new account, and all of your previous chats will be lost forever, which is something to keep in mind.