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All About IPXO – A Brand New IP Marketplace of 2021

The internet is a relatively new and monumental resource. The original architecture of the internet had approximately 4.3 billion addresses – and over time, the pool of unallocated IPv4 addresses continues to shrink. The best way to control and mitigate the effects of this kind of scarcity is to market the unused IPv4 addresses. Analysts think that marketing addresses will help to redistribute them and address the issue of scarcity effectively. Currently, it isn’t possible for everyone to adopt and implement the new IPv6. IPXO is an upcoming IP marketplace that’ll let you lease and monetize your IPs.

About IPXO – The Upcoming IP Marketplace

The Internet Protocol Exchange Organization or IPXO is a unique and upcoming platform that will let people lease and monetize their own IPv4 addresses. The main goal of this platform is to provide a place where people can rent IP addresses and also offer unused addresses they own for rent. Just by doing so, the critical shortage of IPv4 addresses can be adequately alleviated. The IPXO marketplace is a unique place where many address holders can rent out their addresses. It will allow them to gain a steady stream of continued revenue as well.

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In 2011, the IANA allocated the final IPv4 address blocks. The result of this was an enormous chasm between the supply and demand of IPv4 addresses. The goal of IPXO is to bridge the gap between supply and demand. The price of addresses has risen a lot, and many businesses can’t purchase their own address. In the long term, leading an IPv4 address is much cheaper than buying one’s own. To this end, the IPXO marketplace will be the go-to solution for anyone looking to rent IPv4 addresses. It is a much-needed mediator of services.

The Key Features Offered By IPXO

Here are the key features that are being offered by this unique IP Marketplace. The concept of IPXO is very easy – the goal is to match the people who want to rent out their IP addresses with those who went to rent IP addresses.

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  •   IPXO offers IPv4 addresses in each of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). IPXO also offers /8 and /24 subnet blocks in all the five RIRs, allowing better management of IPs and increased automation.
  •   One of the main goals of IPXO is automated processes, which ensure efficiency and also a better user experience. To this end, the platform has implemented automated RIR and RPKI management, route objects, and other functionalities.
  •   IP address abuse is one of the major issues that businesses today have to tackle. IPXO is also committed to preventing and catching IP abusers by maintaining a stringent policy. All lessors and lessees must complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) and Abuse Desk Management Policy.
  •   IPXO offers users a transparent, robust, and automated platform to satisfy all of their IP needs. You can lease addresses, or you can rent them out just by using IPXO.

Benefits of Leasing VS Buying – When it Comes to IPv4

●   Cost-Effectiveness

IPv4 addresses are a scarce resource, which makes them extremely expensive. Buying a subnet or address for your private use may be way out of budget for you. However, leasing an IPv4 address is much, much cheaper. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of a private IPv4 address without having to spend an astronomical amount of money.

●   Flexibility of Lease Term

Leasing an IPv4 address will not require you to enter into a long-term commitment. You can lease the address for as long as you like – and IPXO will provide you with the room to do so. You can also choose to renew the IP once the contract expires. This kind of flexibility will allow you to cancel the lease just by paying a nominal cancellation fee.

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●   Immediate Allocation of Addresses

If you bid on an IP address, you’ll have to wait for ages for the RIR to allocate it to you. On the other hand, IPXO’s platform will let you access the IPv4 address instantly. The fast speed of allocation can be a very beneficial proposition.

The Massive Financial Benefits of Monetizing Unused IPv4 Resources

If you or your business currently own a set of IPv4 addresses that you aren’t using, then you can use IPXO to make some money off of them. There are loads of people willing to rent the IPv4 addresses from you, and IPXO is a platform that will match you to them. This marketplace is the best choice if you want to monetize your IP resources. Here are the reasons why –

  •   You can customize the lease and subnet price according to your wishes. By choosing to customize the subnet price accordingly, you will be able to scale your earnings in the best way.
  •   IPXO also offers an automated Letter of Authorization (LOA) Assignment process that will help you to finish and provide documents to the lessee in a matter of minutes.
  •   The leasing process is completely secure – and it is also fully compliant with all of the data and privacy protection regulations mandated by the GDPR. Your data is 100% secure.
  •   IPXO also closely monitors the lease process and keeps a close eye on the lessee’s activity. Your addresses aren’t going to be blacklisted – since they’ll be kept under monitoring. If any issue occurs, then IPXO will take care of it.
  •   IPXO will also ensure that the payments reach your business’ bank or PayPal account in a recurring and regular fashion. They will also ensure full transparency – and you’ll be able to view all of your earning reports without any hassle.

Final Thoughts

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