Smartphone with huge sensor displayed


Sharp has unveiled a new camera smartphone that is designed to surpass even an SLR camera. This is due to the huge sensor that the Japanese manufacturer has donated to the Aquos R6. New standards are also set for the display.

Sharp Aquos R6 was introduced with a one-inch sensor.

Sharp has introduced the Aquos R6, a new flagship that wants to compete in several areas. One of the highlights is undisputedly the camera sensor, which comes in at a diameter of one inch. A sensor of such a size is not used in smartphones and is more likely to be found in classic digital cameras.

Sharp enters the range of SLR cameras with the sensor, which will continue to have the upper hand, but the distance and unique selling points are slowly diminishing. In addition to Sharp, Sony is also working on a similar sensor. Samsung’s competitors have so far failed to introduce a one-inch diameter sensor.

According to Sharp, the sensor creates a natural bokeh effect and lowers image noise in low light conditions. Images are possible with a resolution of up to 20 MP. In addition to the main camera, there is also a depth sensor. The lenses come from the manufacturer Leica located in German.

Sharp Aquos R6 with 240-Hertz display

Sharp also wants to score with the display with its new flagship. Here the manufacturer speaks of a refresh rate of a whopping 240 Hertz. The OLED screen comes to a diagonal of 6.6 inches and clocks down to a minimum of a Hertz as needed to save the battery.

According to the Android Authority, the battery of the Aquos R6 comes to a capacity of 5,000 mAh. A Snapdragon 888 is also available as a processor with 12 GB of memory and an internal capacity of expandable 128 GB. The smartphone is expected to be released in Japan in mid-June 2021. It is not yet clear how much the mobile phone will cost and whether it will make its way to Kenya.