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The Importance of Organizing All of Your Life Data

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It’s 2021 and we’re decades into the digital era. The chances are you’ve been accumulating data online for a while now. Where do you even begin when it comes to organizing it all? You’ve got those Facebook albums full of throwbacks from 2008, more passwords for websites than you know what to do with and 2017 holiday snaps that never made it anywhere other than your iPhoto camera roll. 

Before the situation gets out of hand, it’s probably about time that you set to organizing it all. Think of it like this: you wouldn’t let your physical life possessions sit so disorganized at home, so why wouldn’t you take the same approach to your online life? Let us give you a few reasons why there’s no time like the present. 

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Cloud Storage Solutions Exist for A Reason

There’s no excuse for not organizing your life data now when so many excellent cloud storage solutions exist to help with this very purpose. Take Dropbox, for example, household name and one of the “OG’s” in the cloud storage world. Whether via their mobile app, online or installed on your device, it can help you organize your life and your photo storage with ease. Here are the main benefits of using a cloud storage solution to organize your online data:

  • Gone are the days where you have to worry about device storage limits when it comes to saving all of your online data in one place. Storage solutions like Dropbox store everything in the “cloud” so they don’t clog up or slow down your devices. 
  • It’s super easy to do. You can drag and drop files from just about anywhere, and in just about any format. Then, you can categorize them into folders galore for optimum organization.  
  • You can have on-the-go access from anywhere so you’ll always have the photos on hand to accompany the funny store you’re telling your mates at the bar. 
  • All of the above are great, but there’s nothing that beats knowing your files will be kept safe and secure. Not only will they be protected with industry leading encryption, but you can also recover deleted files or restore to previous versions. Better safe than sorry! 

Our Online Presence is Evolving

If you’re new to the online world, this probably doesn’t apply to you. But for anyone who’s been online for a while, the chances are the sites and systems you’re currently frequenting are not the same as back in the day. Where Facebook once reigned supreme, there’s now fierce competition from the likes of Instagram and TikTok. You don’t want to forget your details and lose access to your accounts on the platforms you no longer use before you’ve backed up all of the data stored there. Don’t risk it being gone forever. 

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By organizing all of your life data now, you can sit back and forget about those old accounts you no longer use. Everything you care about will be in one safe place, and if you lose your details you’re not losing anything important or sentimental at the same time. 

Organization is the Key to Productivity

Whether you like it or not, the fact of the matter is that nearly everything is done online these days. From work to banking to booking travel and more, it’s all possible (and often prioritized) via the Internet. There’s no excuse for having lost passwords anymore when you can store them in a secure online vault, and there’s no excuse for forgetting your boarding pass when you can store it on your smartphone.

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A productive life requires an organized space, whether that’s in your offline or online life. Just like your kitchen is likely divided into categories for ease of use, your online data should be categorized so that you’re not slowed down by searching for lost files or lack of storage. That’s why if you want a productive life, you need to organize your life data in one safe place. 

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James Musoba
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